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07-26-2004, 10:40 PM
I've been away from the Jedi Knight community for a couple of years. While I was gone, I definitely rediscovered how awesome competitive first person shooters are. I have been watching all of the Quake III 1v1 duel demos from the past couple of years, have been studying why Quake III/DOOM II/etc are so successful at 1v1, and generally what makes a good game.

Upon the announcement of Episode III's title, old nostalgic feelings were revived, and I decided to install JO.

I have to say -- this game has so much potential as a truly GREAT and supremely entertaining 1v1 game. However, the online scene never really did anything about it apparently.

I can't find any 1v1 demos recorded in the past two years, and there are barely any tournaments to speak of.

I remember playing Jedi Knight on Zone, and 1v1 on it was so amazing. The combination of force powers and guns, matched with the game's lightning speed, was truly great. It was classic. However, you cannot record demos on that game -- hence, its online competitive scene is all but dead.

Jedi Knigt II: Jedi Outcast, or perhaps even Jedi Academy, needs a 1v1 scene, badly.

The gameplay is good for it. Every weapon has a very specific use for itself, and the game generally lends itself to a good weapon balance. The force powers, like in the first JK, add a really interesting element to how the game is played. Can you imagine seeing a match featuring two players that are as skilled at JO/JA as players like ZeRo4 are at Quake III?

So what am I proposing? I'm not 100% sure, to be honest. Perhaps a mod along the lines of OSP for Quake III should be made. It is pretty much THE 1v1 tournament mod for that game.

Online tournaments should be held, and that would expand the online scene, and make it more widely accessible.

Finally, demos should be recorded and stored online. Almost every one of the demos on cached.net for JO are CTF. CTF is great, but 1v1 has always been where the most stunning action occurs.

How does the community feel about this as a whole?

07-26-2004, 10:48 PM
Moved to the Jedi Outcast forum ;D