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07-28-2004, 01:09 AM
I'm heavily into script writing at the moment, on something that I'm not going to be entirely public about, except that it's Tierra based.

Anyone got anything that they'd like to see take place in the land of the dead? Any lines you'd like, etc

Life sucks, and then you die, and then it still sucks

Tierra de los Muertos - a story about life after life

07-28-2004, 01:44 AM
Hmmmm.... Well, some terrible puns are always nice. For some reason, the worse they are, the more they make me laugh, I guess it's not strange but, yeah... Maybe a character that makes constant puns about being a skeleton or dead. Stuff like that. Everyone gets annoyed with him too or something, and keeps telling him how terrible his jokes are. Hehehe.

Of course, the return of Number Two.

Dunno, if you're interested in a cross over (Prolly not but just a random idae that popped into my head), but John Howard dead?

Uh, I'll post again if I think of more.

By the way, Are you still in need of a graphics card? Cause I totally forgot about shipping that to you, but still can...

07-28-2004, 06:44 AM
There'll only be one new character, and that'll be nobody. Not anybody, not somebody, but nobody.

You have no idea how funny that is if you've read what I've been writing. :)

07-29-2004, 05:58 PM
Holdy: As far as the video card goes, I'll be okay. I'll need to get one sooner or later (because I still want to play Prince of Persia) but the computer's working at least, and I'm not really into gaming... but thanks anyway. :)

John Kimble
08-08-2004, 08:21 AM
im not real witty when it comes to jokes but perhaps jokes which mock life itself since its being told by dead people? just a thought.

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