View Full Version : retexturing ebon hawk question...

Master D.
07-28-2004, 08:52 AM
I tried to retexture the ebon hawk, but it looks AWESOME! (I can't
mod but wanted to try it out.
well, I've read a thread by mgnails where he says that he wanted to
retexture the ebon hawk and if someone could do some retextures for him. Does anybody know, if there exist some retextures and if/where I could download them?

Darth Dex
07-28-2004, 09:32 AM
Are you requesting it gets done? Or are you asking if it's been done?

Colma Adawin
07-28-2004, 10:23 AM
Originally posted by Darth Dex
Are you requesting it gets done? Or are you asking if it's been done?

i've just read it and to me says, heard of it now looking for it, i always thought Ebon Hawk Re-textures couldnt be done for some reason? i dunno


Master D.
07-28-2004, 10:37 AM
I just wanted to know if it's been done, yet. I heard of it in some threads, but never found a download.

07-28-2004, 11:28 AM
maybe it would be the same as retexturing a swoop bike. they're both vehicles, and that has been done before by someone.

Master D.
07-28-2004, 11:40 AM
The problem with retexturing the ebon hawk is that you have to make a texture for each planet. You can fix that problem by
making one texture, copy it and then put in all the other folders.
(It doesn't change the ship in the movies!)

Darth Dex
07-28-2004, 11:42 AM
No the EBon Hawk not really a vechile (well it is, but it isn't). Okay, fly your Ebon Hawk to Tatoonie then warp to Mannan, the Ebon Halk will be there, it's part of the map it just spawns you place to place.