View Full Version : Siege League

08-02-2004, 06:04 PM
Hey guys

its Mephistox, and im starting up a Siege league with Slime

The rules are simple, get a team and siege.
The only catch is that teams arent made by a clan. We will pick captains (based on skill) and it will be up to them to pick members. (though a captain can pick his clan members)

This is partly cause almost everyone is in clans so we thought... why not do something else?
And also cause people need to really get to know the other people online. Not just play against... but work with them

well thats the idea anyway.

So if ur interested, spread the word around, and then go here:

Register and lets see who joins.

If we dont get enough regular people.. then we'll always fall back onto clan teams. But we're expecting 200-300 people... so come on in and have some fun :P