View Full Version : problem with cyrix

07-31-2000, 02:27 PM
the games crashes as i launch it.
I read on lucasarts.com about problems with cyrix processors (i got one) and a link to a fix (http://www.cyrix.com/html/software/games2.htm#lucas_arts).
But as "cyrix" is now "via", the link is broken and i don't manage to find this file anywhere else.
Can anybody help, please ?

The Master
07-31-2000, 04:15 PM
Start shooting at you computer with a rocket luancher. http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

Sa Memax
08-01-2000, 05:06 PM
or better yettie it to a nuclear warhead and launch it into space and watch it blow.

The Master
08-01-2000, 05:37 PM
That to!