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08-03-2004, 03:04 PM
You are a new arrival on the planet Corthak 9. ((IX)) You have found a cantina and have enjoyed yourself. A man approaches you and gives you a mission. You carry it out. After completeing it the man gives you a holomap that shows your coordinates. He says to go to coordinates ((You choose.)). You have found a Lost City that noone ihabits and the man waits there in the old Cantina. He tells you that you will become mayor of the city. You accept and become mayor. You now rule the city and can join as allies with other citys that people controll or destroy their city. The choice is yours.

Joe was a new arrival on Corthak IX. He went to the cantina where he met a strange man. The man told him to destroy a smuggler camp just west of there. Joe went there and destroyed the camp. Then in the wreckage Joe found a holocron and activated it. It was the old man and he said "Joe go to the coordinates 0468 4690." Joe went there and found a city. He went to an abandond tavern and found the man. The man told Joe that he would be the mayor of the city. Joe accaepted. Then Joe went to the town with the starport and recruited found some people to live in his city and he bought some droids to work for him.