View Full Version : k_pdan_tomb02.ncs too .nss

08-07-2004, 02:23 PM
I like to edit this script but I can't use NSCrip to decompiler it.

Could someone change it to NSS file and wrote the script in this thred?? :(


08-07-2004, 02:27 PM
NCSrip is not a decompiler. To decompile the script, the are tow solutions: use HazardX script/compiler decompiler to decompile the script or , use the easy method: drop nwnnsscomp.exe in the same folder as kotor tool and double click on the script.

Note: you will not have a .nss file when you do so. You'll be able to see only the main functions that are called.

08-07-2004, 05:05 PM
Thanks, but I need this script.:(

08-07-2004, 06:26 PM
Originally posted by Veldrin
Thanks, but I need this script.:(

It isn't available.

Available scripts can be found using KT in BIFs>Scripts.bif>Script,Source.

If the script is compiled, you will only be able to see function calls if you decompile it, as Darth333 pointed out.

I hope that helps.