View Full Version : Lets establish rules of the SITH Lords

08-11-2004, 12:39 AM
Rule 1

This is pre refined Sith, this is in the era of the orginal sith so their can be more than 3 Sith Lords in this game. Thus limiting one of the Sith lords to reven or bastila wont be needed.

Rule 2

Bastila or Reven are not one of the sith, The one in the white mask is masculine. Aside I don't think the developers would waste great bad guys on old char from the first.

Rule 3 These bad guys have been official described as "Plural bad guys" and "the benevolent Sith lords have returned to reclaim their throne".
All things implied suggest that reven and Bastila will have nothing to do with being one of the sith forces. Whats more Reven probably left in hopes of avoiding the slaugther, and restoring the jedi in the future.

Add ons
Opinions everyone, anyone