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08-11-2004, 12:50 AM
....from my website. Look for the new Ranged Weapon link in the navigatation bar.

From the readme:

Republic Heavy Blaster by Achilles

Item Properties

*Republic Heavy Blaster*

<Manaan, Hrakert Station - Found on Republic Soldier corpse>
<Manaan, Kolto Control - Found on Republic Soldier corpse>

Feats Required: Weapon Proficiency - Blaster Pistol

Damage: Energy, 4-15

Range: 23m

Attack Modifier: +5

Upgradeable, Ranged

Developed during the Mandalorian Wars, these blasters represent the pinnacle of Republic weaponsmithing. Althought these weapons were standard issue throughout the Republic's forces at the time, heavy casualties have made these sidearms a rare commodity.


Creator's Notes

These blasters were created to help make Carth a little more powerful. We don't get to see a whole lot of Republic technology and once I stumbled upon the idea of exploring that, the rest of the mod just kinda fell in place (location, backstory, etc).


Files Modified

g_w_hvyblstr99.uti - Republic Heavy Blaster

man28_deadsur.utp - Placeable

man28_deadsols.utc - Placeable