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08-11-2004, 02:23 PM
The battle starts out as you see an army of droids marching towards the republic base. One of the clones at gaurd duty yells "ATTACK, AMBUSH!!! SOUND THE ALARMS" You wake to the alarm, put your clothes on, and get ready to get your hands dirty.

(Backround: The droid armies have threatened to attack ever-since the clones cut off there power supply, three days prior to this attack)

You can only play as the republic in this RPG...

You can play as:

The Clone Troopers.

~(Basic clones that carry a blaster rifle, blaster pistol, haywire gernade and concussion gernade.

The Advanced Recon Commando.

~These clones are used to take out vehicles and buildings.

~These clones carry a missile launcher, blaster pistol, and mines.

The Clone Pilot.

~These are the clones that fly air vehicles, wether it be transporting people through a warzone with a Republic gunship, or hijacking enemy air vehicles. (also repairs vehicles)

~Supply dispenser, Fusion cutter, and blaster pistol.

The Clone Sharpshooter

Republic sniper rifle, blaster pistol, Spy droid (used for spying on the enemy)

The Clone Jet-Trooper

These clones have a plasma disrupter that when in the air can launch Electro Magnetic pulse waves down at his enemies, instantly frying the weaker droid programing.


You all know what a jedi is.

Ill start off.

Im the leader of the Advanced Recon Squadron.

Name: Unknown.
Age: Unknown
Species: Clone
Faction: Republic
Force Powers: N/A

I heard the alarm, grabbed my weapons and suit, and rushed out the door. I immediatly grabbed my A.R.S and headed out to join the fight... I had limited pilot skills, but I can still fly a Republic Gunship... Soon I arrived in the middle of the battlefield. We hovered only 40 feet off ground, launching missiles (decimating the advancing droids)... Soon we landed and took cover inside a gaurd tower...

**Some one else continue with there story**

Notes: This is my first time doing anything like this so tell me if im doing something wrong... and ill fix it.
Thanks, happy RPing.

Evil Dark Jedi
08-11-2004, 06:46 PM
(Did you copy off the clone info page because thats what you put is exactly what all the clones have in Star Wars Battlefront Ill join anyway)

Name: Zoric Bastar
Age: N/A
Species: Clone
Type: Normal Clone

Zoric heard the things happening and went outside.He saw the droids coming.Zoric loaded his rifle and fired.He took out a battle droid and then threw a haywire grenade into a group of Droideka.

Jaden Malip
08-12-2004, 12:56 PM
Name: Todas Malip
Age: 35
Species: Human
Faction: Republic Jedi Commander
Force Powers: push, pull, jump, stun droid, weak lightning.

IC: Todas awoke with a start at the sound of the alarm. He got dressed, grabbed his lightsaber (its green) and ran to the command center of the base, trying to concentrate.

OOC: Cool story g3nMa. Usually we do RPing in 3rd person:p

08-12-2004, 02:43 PM
I had heard some droideka (Destroyer Droids) destroying my units, so I went to see if I could lend a hand... But before I had my target locked, A haywire gernade had demolished them... I Decided to turn back to my A.R.S so we could destroy more advancing droids.

Edit: Crap! Sorry bout' that, from here on I will use 3rd person.