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08-14-2004, 09:09 PM
The Spartan Clan

Interested in joining a Star Wars Battlefront clan? Well here's your chance. I come from "The Spartan Clan" (aka) TSC! It is a great multi-game clan that is expanding into Star Wars Battlefront. We are looking for a new recruits to make this great game an even bigger part of our clan. We have a very organized site and many members in total for all the games in our clan. We're looking forward to Battlefront, and our new recruits! Don't wait 'til it's too late, join now!

Other Clan Games
-LOTR Battle For Middle-Earth
-Americas Army
-Guild Wars
-Battlefield: 2
-Age of empires 3
-Starcraft 2

Just remember that this is only so far, and our clan moderators are in the process of considering what new games to add so if you're looking a clan with more games than this, we'll be it soon. We are also in the process of contacting different game producers about becoming beta testers (eg. Empire Earth 2). So if you're a real RTS, FPS or RPG fan you should check The Spartan Clan (http://www.woodfloorme.com/tsc) out now!

Thanks, Lorion

PS: We hope you enjoy The Spartan Clan for all our newcomers and if you're planning to join just take the link, sign up and then post in the recruitment section, if the link doesn't work, just leave a reply in this thread.