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08-15-2004, 09:52 AM
I am very interested in making a mod for Battlefront and could anyone give me more ideas on what vehicles to add???

The Air
09-13-2004, 06:32 PM
alot of people around here want the a-wing. that wouldnt to hard. personaly i would like to see some kind of transport/APC that could carry many people.

09-15-2004, 11:10 AM
And after the A-wing, -----> The B-wing ! :D
And then you can start working on a deathstar map:p

Jaden Malip
09-15-2004, 11:12 AM
Perhaps a Naboo fighter?

09-15-2004, 12:05 PM
You can make new vehicle models, give them animations etc, but still even then you wouldnt be able to add them to current retail maps, only for custom maps. Unless the devs will make it so you're able to edit the default maps. Still, even then the mod would be pretty big since it would overwrite the maps.

09-17-2004, 09:55 AM
Make your mod --> map.
Yes, I garantee you.
2 Space maps are missing in this game, 2 maps, so that's not a lot.
So i'm talking about :

1) Death Star (Ep6)
2) Trade Federation (Ep1)

For The death star we need the map with the deahtstar in the middle, and people have to go in it and destroy the shield in the middle. New Vehicles: A-Wing and B-Wing

And for the Trade Federation, you make that bol with that thing around it, and add the droid star fighter.
New vehicle:
Naboo StarFighter

If this can be done, then the game is the best star wars game ever

09-19-2004, 12:51 PM
I was just thinking of making a mod like this, kind of like what Forgotten Hope was for Battlefield 1942....
Personally, I wanted to add all the Wing and TIE varients, AT-AA and AT-PT, and a couple of other vehicles, such as the Amphibian, or Sentinel Class shuttle, or even the Chariot LAV..

09-19-2004, 12:59 PM
In JA many people made vehicles and added them to sites. If the same is done map makers can just add them to the map and give credit. Anyways,

no doubt space maps will be made. But i doubt the first ones will be good...

09-21-2004, 06:31 AM
I don't get why space maps aren't able to make.
I mean, it's just the same, only the box is black with stars.

09-21-2004, 06:48 AM
Space maps would not be hard to make, if anything easier, at least from an HL perspective, I dunno about this engine.

And yes, there needs to be an AT-PT.

09-21-2004, 07:32 AM
Originally posted by DogGy
I don't get why space maps aren't able to make.
I mean, it's just the same, only the box is black with stars.
i said no doubt, (geen twijfel) ;)