View Full Version : Clearing up my position

Revlt Coranier
08-20-2004, 04:12 PM
It appears some folks (yaebginn) have some harsh feelings towards me because of some things I said about America. I have decided to clear this up. I do not hate America, nor do I think it is disgusting. I think it is a great country and we have come a long way (we have backtracked some, though). What I am not happy with is the current state of the country. When we have a bigot for a president that is trying to change the Constitution to take rights away from a certain group of people, that disgusts me. When we have a president that orders bombing of cities and kills civilians and makes them homeless (for a reason which turned out to be wrong), that disgusts me. With better leadership, America could be a great country. Hell, almost any country good be a great country with good leadership. I just believe we have seen better times. I did not make this to debate politics or any sh*t like that, just clearing up my position. Thank you for your time.

ET Warrior
08-20-2004, 04:25 PM
I close this thread, not becasue I dont like it, I think it's purpose is admirable and I agree with you, but due to recent affairs of things in the TaunTaun I know this will just end up another heated political debate, and therefore I want to keep it nice and clean, and your point can be made :)

(If you'd rather I unlock it and let the responses flow, just PM me)