View Full Version : Maps to download for HLDM

08-20-2004, 04:16 PM
To bring more variety to our HLDMing, I've tried out a few HLDM maps which are being spoken of well within the community. I have tried them all out personally, and can totally certify them all as MOST excellent. I encourage you all to download them at once so that enjoyment can occur.

http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/flatshaded1.jpg http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/flatshaded2.jpg

The first is "flatshaded", which is a map designed in a cell shading style. It looks rather awesome ingame, very similar to Wind Waker. The sharks in the sea even move, with a cell-shaded trail behind it.

Download here (http://migc.scummbar.com/downloads/FlatshadedSteamInstaller1.0.exe).

http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/fairytale1.jpg http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/fairytale2.jpg

The second is "fairytale", a similarly radical map based around the various stories out there - plus Lord of the Rings, in the form of a hobbit house. This map physically looks awesome, and looks like it will play similarly.

Download here (http://www.snarkpit.com/maps.php?download=909).

http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/marioland1.jpg http://thrik.dodnetwork.com/oof/marioland2.jpg

Finally, the classic "marioland". We all should have it, but for those that don't, here it is. The map is basically based on Mario 64, copying the main castle surroundings, one of the first levels, plus the first section of the castle lobby. It is rather awesome.

Download here (http://migc.scummbar.com/downloads/MarioLandSteemInstaller1.0.exe).