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08-21-2004, 11:37 PM
This is a story about me and my life. I was born a planet considered outside of the republic. In those days the mandaloring tribes where feared, and we were mandoloreings we were and are outcast of the republic. Why, you may ask, because we raided worlds for honor and glory, but we only wanted to fight the best. The republic was not the best I'll go into that later. In the begging you live with your family until you are 5 years old, and then you train until you are 11 then. We were in the middle of a war with the sith so my people need all able men to fight so. I was thrown into immediate fitting this is were I'll begin.

4000 years before the fall of the last sith. My fist engagement into war was the war of Exar Kun. He was a fallen Jedi and tried to take the republic. He had betrayed the jedi and his master Voda Siosk-Bass. Then he went to Dxun where he was seduced into the dark side by Freedom Nadd. Then he want to Korriban were Nadd forced him into surrendering to evil completely or he would die. He choose to become evil, and went to Yavin IV to make his base.

While the forces of Lord Mandalore attacked the Empress Teta system, which Ulic was in control of. Which is Exar Kunís apprentice. The final battle we lost on Harkul when Ulic killed mandalore. By winning he won are loyalty. My squadron was to infiltrate there main base with the Jedi we were able. My job was to drop 30 miles from in the air. I was able to shoot down there super lasers so the republic could land. My squadron was also the fist ones to go into the base. We had to blast the force protected door the Jedi had to help of course my powers had not taken shape yet but the Jedi did say I was strong in the force. Half of the mandalorians died because of the sith and there light sabers, but the rest of us used some sort of stragy. We were able to get to Ulic by that time I had found a light saber and was fighting with it. I was about to go after Ulic, but mandalore himself got there first and they dueled Ulic and slashed mandalor that was when I explode with the force and brought the temple down. I was able to get me and other mandaloreins out. Then the Jedi tried to capture me but they were unable too they were always looking for me. Ulic did not die and scene he had beaten mandalore we lost and were forced into an alliance to him.

Ulic was the first one to train me, but I was really more like a slave. He led us and some other forces to Coruscant were we lost, because the krath ran away so we were defeated. Ulic was capture so we went to kun for help and told him of the treachery of the krath. So he assembles us and the sith go to coruscant to free Ulic, and kills his Jedi master and has all his students kill there master to. We free Ulic and attack the krath for running away. Exar Kun fails in his conquest for the galaxy.

Twenty years after The War of Exar Kun The Mandolaring Wars begun. In the begging we concurred worlds on the outer rim. As long as we didn't attack the republic world they would not attack us. We gained resources from these worlds then attack the republic in three different sectors. While we were concurring worlds I concurred 3 of them my self. By this time I was the general of about 300 warships with about fifty fighters in each. My most remember able fight was when I was order to attack from behind as they were retreating, and we caught them by surprised. When the sith came to us to start the war they had told me to use my powers during this war.

Then the next battle I remember was one of the ones when Revan was there. Revan was falling back with Mallak to Koribin I saw mandolor go after them so I flowed him. Revan dueled mandalor to the death and mandalor him self died. I blew up again with the force. Then Mallak need to prove himself to Revan so to prove himself he capture me and he succeed. I had no choice but to show them what the sith showed us. They told us about the star forge and star maps and I gave them the holograms of it all. I had to prove my self to Revan by using my battle mediation it really did nothing because it was just a form of it, it was nothing like what Bastila could do, for the republic and insure there victory.

Then they told me they had already been to the one on Dantooine, so we found the one on Korriban and we did. We then went to Manaan, Kashykk, and, Tatooine. When we found them all we new that we had been out right next to the stare forge, but then we didn't now what to look for it must have some type of defense mechanism to hide it if you don't now what you are looking for. When we found it had some type of disrupter field, and the republic was helping us, because they thought Revan was going to the mandaloring strong hold. When we got there the disruptor field forced us to land on an unworld. Of Rattakan they had an empire before the republic. The Rattakan agreed to help us only if we would help them figure out why the force had left them. So we agreed they did there ancient ritual to let us in, but only force sanative people could go in, that is why the want to know how they could get the force back.

So we go into the temple shut down the disrupter field and get off the planet. They thought the were only letting Raven in because if more than one person went in they would be cursed. But me and Malak fowled Revan in. After destroying simple droids we made it to the top were we shut down the disrupter field and we could open the temple door from the inside so we let some of the fallen Jedi into the temple to discover what ever they could about the ancient sith. So when we made it to the star forge we were surprised that the factory had never stopped producing ships we were able to control itís speed up, and we increased it speed by 50%. So with the republic fleet that had betrayed the republic plus the fleet the star forge had already made we were equal to half of the republic fleet already.

I trained under Malak, but was Revanís servant boy that he taught when he felt like it. I learned of a lot of sith magic like how to preserve your body to be awaken someday, poses somebody, and become a sprit. learned about the ancient artifact used by Kun to destroy the Jedi strong hold and library, and he taught me how to use it to prove my self a sith. I had to use it on my home world, but what he did not know is that there was know one there so I did and became a full-fledged sith. Malak had to prove him self by retrieving the artifact for me, but it was very protected he killed many Jedi. Saul commander of the republic fleet that allied with the sith had to prove himself by bombarding his top student home world.

We were ready to lead our finial assault on the core worlds when Bastila inter feared using her battle mediation she was stronger than me in battle mediation, so I could not use mine to balance it. They won a couple of battles then the Jedi sent a couple of ships into battle but that was the distraction while a Jedi strike team used Bastille and her battle mediation to board revan's flagship which he and me were on. Revan called all men to the bridge except me and my apprentice he wanted us to cut of the Jedi escape if they were to succeed. We went to the hanger to lunch all of there ships into battle just to make sure if they were to succeed they would have to take me and my apprentice to. When Malak shoot at the bridge trying to take the Jedi and his master down. When the Jedi got to the hanger bay me and my apprentice fought them. My apprentice died but I was able to escape they found some other ship to get in before the ship below up.

Then Malak became lord of sith and I learned what I could form but nothing of great importance that Revan hadn't taught me. After Malak told me how Revan died with so much rage I bombarded 4 of most loyal plants to the sith I took them for my self. Then Revan come to me in a vision he told to fall from my dark path and go to Dantooine to see him and Bastila working together. So I went to Dantooine were Revan and Bastila were training Revan recommended that the council train me. They did train me and in about 6 months I was a Jedi knight. I did not join with Revan or Bastila I stayed and trained my battle mediation.

When they got to the star forge I was in command of some of the republic fleet, my fleet form the mandaloring war, and some loyalist to me when I left the sith they became Jedi again. So the republic fleet grew. When we got there I was apart of the strike team with Revan and Bastila. Bastila went as for as she could before she had to use her battle mediation. I went back to the ships to prepare for a quick get away. Revan went on to fight malak he killed him. Then he went to go get Bastila and get off of the star forge before it blew up. We barley got out. I assembled the rest of the forces working together to securer the republicís victory. Some got away so I went after them and killed them.

I finished my training I was the fast in my class and became a master in 3 years. After ten years I went to some far out space and found an impossible asteroid field with out the force but even then it was hard I was really lucky to get threw and went to a world that had the technology of the stare forge inside a temple were there was this massias type animal that Kun had made, but it was much more powerful I defeated it and then I learned in a vision that I had defeated the guardian of an ancient light saber know as the shadow blade. I became the guardian, became immortelle, and extremely strong in the force. I could not wield it but one of my students would I would now go train, make alliances, and become a very respected Jedi for 3000 years.