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08-29-2004, 06:19 PM
Hey Chaps,

I recently bought KOTOR, as my friend took his copy back, but it won't let me install. after the install shield spash screen, I get an error box with the the heading "SEVERE" and the following text:

"ERROR! Uninstall encountered an error and cannot proceed. Please contact technical support."

This is screwed up because I'm trying to install, NOT UNinstall. Right now I'm waiting on tech support and will post if they come up with something. Otherwise, I'm willing to take any suggestions.



08-30-2004, 09:50 AM
Try this:

Reboot the Computer
Run ScanDisk and check for errors

Bioware mentions the following in their tech help forum concerning a similar installation bug:

Reinstallation Bug Fix:
1. Download a program called RegCleaner from www.majorgeeks.com

2. Run this and remove any traces of "KotOR", "LucasArts" and "BioWare".

3. Open up "My Computer" and select "Tools" at the top toolbar. Then select "Folder Options". After this go to the "View" Tab and select "Show hidden files and folders".

4. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp. Remove all files in this folder.

5. Now go to C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information. In here delete the folder with the following title: {2A9A40C7-6670-4D5F-8F41-D12E2E08B48B}.

One suggestion: always backup your registry before cleaning anything in case you mess out.

03-28-2016, 07:41 AM
Darth333 I have tried all or these and I still get the following error mesage:

Uninstall encountered an error and cannot proceed. Please contact Technical support.

P.S: In my Uninstall a program Menu in control panel Kotor 1 is still listed as a program. But whenever i try Right click uninstalling it just opens the Install Shield Window and gives me the same Error message. Please help me.