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08-31-2004, 10:26 PM
Can someone show me where I can find a list of different ways to build up my characters at level ups ? Ive finished the game many times and want to try some mew ways of levelling up ! Pls give me some ideas . . .

09-01-2004, 04:05 PM
Try these (http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotor/strategies/customcharacters.php)
The Blaster Wielding Jedi was a lot of fun :bounce1:

09-19-2004, 04:58 PM
If you want to make the most powerful character possible you should try this one. I've completed the game about a million times and this is probably the best character I've played with (this may contain *spoilers*).

Scout lv. 2, Consular lv. 18, pure darkside.

Attributes at the start:

Strength: 14 +2
Dexterity: 14 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence: 8 -1
Wisdom: 15 +2
Charisma: 12 +1

The reason you should be a scout first is that they get the feats flurry and implant level 1 for free at 1. level.

Use all the attribute points you get throughout the game, 5 total, to upgrade wisdom, that way I ended up with 292 force points total at level. 20. A high wisdom also makes your force powers a lot harder to save against.

Important feats:

Duelling, all tiers. Important if the character uses a singlebladed one-handed weapon, cause then this feats give you +3 to attack and defense. Since this character is a consular with a whole lot of force points and offensive force powers you won't have to rely very much on your weapon, and with master speed you also get 2 extra attacks per round, so it's pointless to use a doublebladed saber.

Flurry, all tiers. The best melee attack feats when using a singlebladed weapon.

Implant feat, all tiers. Important, because then you can use a level 3 implant called Cardio Power System, which gives you +4 in constitution. That means 40 extra vitality points.

Toughness, tier 1. You don't get enough feats to max this out, but 20 extra vp comes in handy.

Important powers:

Fear, Horror, Insanity, darkside power. Excellent to stun opponents with.

Shock, Force Lightning, Force Storm, darkside power. Tier 3 of this one does 20-60 points of damage to all opponents in a radius of 10 yards of the targeted enemy.

Wound, Choke, Kill, darkside power. At tier 3 this power Does damage equivalent to half the target's max health. Great for killing off a single powerful enemy quickly.

Drain Life, Death Field, darkside power. Drain life sucks 10 to 40 points of damage from a single enemy, death field from every enemy inside a 10 yard radius, the points are added to your health. Great power when you need to heal your self with enemies around.

Burst Of Speed, all 3 tiers. This power is the greatest defensive power in the game. Not only does the 3. tier give you a defense bonus of 4 and double speed, it also gives you 2 extra attacks per round. Essential power.

Other powers you should consider: Force Immunity, Dominate Mind, Destroy Droid, Heal. When you have this many force points it doesn't matter that much if you have a couple of lightside powers.

Equipped Items:

Lightsaber (of course).

Cardio Power System (implant). Constitution +4. You get it on Manaan after you have found the star map.

Stabilizer Mask. Gives you immunity to mind-affecting and increases all saves by 2. You can buy it on Manaan in Tywark's shop.

Genoharadan Power Gloves: Strength +4, you get them when you complete one of the Genoharadan missions.

Brejiks Arm Band (left arm). damage resistance 5 against bludgeoning. Useful when fighting melee characters. You get it when you kill Brejik.

Darth Revans Robes. Defence bonus 5, strength +4, regeneration 1 vp. The best robes you can get on darkside. You can find them on the Star Forge.

Yusani's Duelling Shield or Verpine Prototype Shield. The best energy shields in the game.

CNS Strength enhancer (belt). Strength +2, all saves +2. You can buy it in the shop at the docking bay on Dantooine.

At the end of the game, this character had 224 vp, 292 fp, and 26 in defence.