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09-05-2004, 07:05 AM
eW.k is a new Star Wars: Battlefront clan for the PC.
In response to Battlefront's Gold status and imminent release, we've decided to go public.

eW.k is the reformation of an older clan that has surfaced twice before: the Dutch Jedi Masters. (Jedi Knight 2 & Jedi Academy Siege - unbeaten in the latter)
We'll become a highly competitive clan, with fun also taking on a very important role in our clan.

Clan: eW.k
Abbreviation: eW.(Name).k
Staff: Droniac, Sagi & Navix
Forum: http://ewok.xplonetworks.com
Website: under construction
IRC Channel: #eW.k @ Quakenet
Member-count: 3
Recruit-count: 5

Our Goals:
To become a highly competitive force in the Battlefront community - able to compete in the highest regions of all european competitions.
To create a great Dutch clan - with an atmosphere much like that of the old Dutch Jedi Masters clans (very friendly & funny, whilest still being extremely competitive)
To help better the Battlefront community, by aiding the various competitions with our extensive in-game knowledge and by promoting the game as a spectator-friendly competitive enviroment, with a definite possibility for a e-Sporting future.
To build a new well-run Dutch gaming-community, eventually expanding towards other games.
To become a major competitor in various LAN's featuring Battlefront competitions.
To attract sponsors and possibly help gaming as a whole become more recognized as a highly-competitive sport of sorts.

We're looking for active Dutch members that are skilled at FPS's (specifically Battlefront when it's out ofcourse) & have a good attitude.
Some of the thing's we'll provide are a clanserver & a ventrilo channel.

For more information, visit our Forum (http://ewok.xplonetworks.com)