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Com Raven
09-06-2004, 01:08 PM
Devin checked for a last time if his BlasTechs energy cell was in it's place . Yes, it was there, as it had been the last 5 times he had checked it . Hell, even his blaster started to get full of this dust that was everywhere on this damn hell of a planet !
How he wished to get rid of it, get rid of this whole mess that was his job and just get a hot bath .

"Keep cool guy", he reminded himself . Finishing this job would after all earn him enough credits to spend the rest of his live bathing . "And even bathing with company", he added with that rouguish grin that people somehow seemed to like about him .

Just why did he have this feeling that something was awfully wrong ? Had he forgotten something ?? The plan was easy .
Almost too easy . He had to go in there, tell his "customer" that he had his cargo waiting just around the corner .Of course there wasn't anything there, except that blaster he would push down that guys throat .
The duststorm should ensure that the corpse wasn't found before he had left the system .

Just why would he get that many credits for killing an out-of-business smuggler ? Sure, Hutts had a long memory and nobody likes to get double-crossed . Still, he couldn't get rid of the feeling in the back of his head that told that he had missed a part of the puzzle ...

This in mind, he draw one last deeop breath of the planet's dusty air .He regreted doing so just a second later, when the heavy, dust filled air made him cough .
This was the last reminder that it was time to act, to get of this floating sphere of dirt .

He slowly opened the cantina's door and stepped in ....

Devin took a few careful steps into the room .It was exactly the time it took his eyes to adjust to his new envoronments dimmed lighting . He let his gaze wander through the room swiftly, easily picking those who might pose a thread from the usual, harmful ruffians that could be found in any cantina from here to the core .

There were a few people who fell into that category .
On the far end of the room, in a booth as dark as cold space sat a lonely figure, probably female, though he couldn't be sure .

Allowing his gaze to float further across the room, he quickly discarded most of the people as potential players in his game .

"Standing here will raise too much interest in me and my business", he quickly reminded himself, so he took a few quick steps over to the bar, where he asked the bartender for "a glas of correlian gin .And I really mean corellian ", he added, when the memory of how a hell of booze that was labeled to be from corellia had put him in mortal danger .

He threw a few coins on the bar, and slowly turned back to the people behind him, carefully sipping from his drink .
Welcome warmth floated through his throat as took a few longer turns .

Devin decided to wait a while, observing as well as trying to drown the damn coolness of the planets dusty atmosphere ....

09-06-2004, 07:10 PM
Devin continued to sip the gin, drowning his worries in its sweet nectar. It was bliss to be free of everything, no more second thoughts. Devin was just about to start daydreaming of his life before this mess when the cantina door opened. Devin snapped back to present, and by instinct, his hand flew to his blaster. He was about to draw the gun before he realized the person was an elderly lady, and that his target was to be eliminated in secret. "False alarm...again".

Devin finished his ale quietly, then moved to the corner of the Cantina. "Now all i have to do is wait...". After what seemed like an eternity, the merchant walked in. Fluffy wisps of white hair stuck up like a mohawk, and wrinlkes crisscrossed his face. His mouth was wide with a jolly smile, and his crooked nose protuded from his face like a hawks beak. His blue eyes were small and watery, and Devin had to admit that those eyes looked sneaky, almost like they were hiding some devious secret. Every time he took a step, his potbelly bounced up and down. He wore an oversized, greasy shirt, and a flak jacket that could barely cover his stomach. The merchant walked over to the bar, and Devin could hear his squeaky voice from across the cantina. "Ruby Bliels please, heh, clean glass! no ice please and thank you, heh!" The man tossed 10 credits the bartenders way as he took the glass. The man walked towards Devin, and sat down. "So, heh, you are the one I was supposed to meet! I trust you have my cargo ready!

"Of...of course, It...It's just around the corner of the spaceport, I can take you there Sir!"
"Excellent, excellent, not a moment to lose, nope, nope, not a moment to lose!"

Devin gulped, and prayed that everyone could forgive him for what he was about to do.