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Rax Nibune
09-07-2004, 05:10 AM
Hey guys:yodac:
The FragRock gaming community is coming to Star Wars:Battlefront. We are a 300+ member sized gaming coomunity that has played in games like the Jedi Knight series, Halo, Counter Strike, and StarWars:Galaxies:wan: . Now we are here looking for a fresh breed of new gamers to join our community(not a clan). FragRock not a clan? Yea, simply join up and agree to play nice with or other members and your in.
SO if you are looking a group to play with in StarWars:Battlefront look no further than FragRock.:trooper: :clone:

Come visit us at:
FragRock Gaming (http://fragglerock.teelplanet.com/forums):grnlaz:

[FR] Scyther
09-07-2004, 07:26 AM
Hey all! Ive been a dedicated member of the FraggleRock gaming community for over a year now and have enjoyed it in every way. Like Rax said we have over 300+ members, some skilled, others new. We have two or three dedicated servers on JKII and one server on Jedi Academy. And I have too say this: FR is a community of the family, yes we have some ups and downs but everyone tries too help eachother and treat them with respect and most of all have fun together. (Battlefront= Team Work) Join us as we battle together on new fronts and have enjoyable experiences as we play on Battlefront!



Coloured Albino
09-07-2004, 08:12 AM
down at fragglerock ...
*hums the tune*

09-07-2004, 12:23 PM
yep its great awesome community www.fragglerock.teelplanet.com (http://fragglerock.teelplanet.com)