View Full Version : Ideas for levelling up Canderous ?

09-08-2004, 10:08 PM
Ive tried making Canderous a melee fighter ignoring his heavy blaster feats upping his STR instead of DEX... Once any other ways ppl have levelled him up and what items have they given him... Also his Canderous' blaster fully upgraded the best blaster in the game? Which other ones should i consider buying ?

09-08-2004, 11:47 PM
Yeah, I usually make him a melee fighter as well. He's a tank with dual fully upgraded Baragwin blades (need the DLC) or Yusani's Brand upgraded. Usually give him two weapon feat & full melee (duh), dueling if I decide for a single blade fighter. Lvl 3 implant to go with Gordulan Reaction System (+4 to Dex) or Cardio Power System (+4 to Con), Genoharden Strength gauntlets, & Adrenaline Stimulator belt (+2 to Dex) since his dex is non existent & I can drop more points into Str. The usual attack feats for me; Mstr Flurry & Crit Strike.

I almost never build him up as a gunner, usually save that role for Carth. If I do, I dump his points into Dex & Con & get his full proficiency in heavy weapons & rifles, etc.. For feats; Mstr Rapid Shot, Power Blast, & Conditioning if I got the points.

IMO, his blaster blows, but I play the PC version, so I'm not exactly sure whats all different in the X Box version as far as weapon stats go, & whats upgradeable & what isn't. I set him up with a fully upgraded Baragwin Heavy repeater (available at yavin after finding the last star map if you have the DLC). Or Jamoh Hogra's carbine upgraded (found on Tattooine), or Jurgan Kalta's assault rifle upgraded (found on Dantooine).

Hope it helps in some form :)

09-14-2004, 09:07 AM
I usually make him a melee fighter as well, upgrading his strength, giving him master two-weapon fighting and weapon specialization: melee weapons. I equip him with Calo Nords battle armor and Yusanis brand (late in the game). I also use to buy a regenerator implant that generates 2 vitality points every few seconds, so he regenerates 6 vp total because of the implant he already has when he joins the party. That way he becomes the most powerful non jedi character in your party IMO.