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12-20-1999, 10:55 PM
Perhaps this was discussed before, but I no longer frequent RS.net. Is there an actual legitimate reason or just a biased attitude towards AOL??? If so, that's just bull. Guilo or any of the others, who were around when this site first started can attest to me being a rule abiding, legitimate poster. So how is it fair that I'm banned simply for using AOL?

12-20-1999, 11:28 PM
The reason so many AOL IP's are banned is because of a little trouble-maker who liked to wreak havok here. He went through AOL.
This particular character would keep registering under different names and with different IP's, and continue to wreak havok no matter how many times we banned him. Finally it was decided that the only to deal with this guy would be to block entire portions of AOL.
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12-21-1999, 09:03 PM
That's just ignorant. You're punishing possibly, more than a million people, who might someday want to come to this site (I'm sure not that many, but there are some)just for someone else's behavior? Why not just delete and edit his or whomevers postings instead of taking the lazy way out and blocking AOL. Thats just lame. How about you do your job and actually moderate this site and not just take the easy way out. Granted I don't come to this site everyday, but I do check back from time to time to see what's going on, post some questions or comments, and to see if there are any new codes. And I'm sure as hell not going to log onto my brothers Local ISP just to do this. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this. I'm probably just one of the few with multiple ways to access the internet.

12-21-1999, 11:40 PM
"You speak of things you do not know."

Sorry for the inconvenience.

12-22-1999, 12:45 AM
well, then enlighten me on what you don't know about...

12-22-1999, 01:10 AM
Alright jerk, cool your jets NOW!. That kind of behavior will not be tolerated and you are not welcome around here. Please displeasure some other un-fortunate forum with your presence. And do not return unless you are willing to apologise to Lujayne.

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12-22-1999, 09:26 AM
DeathStarDestroyer you tell someone to do a job, well until you have been there and done it ,you have no idea what your talking about, if things were as simple as you seem to think then thats the way it would be done.

We do not bias against people from Aol, i used to know quite a few good people using aol, unfortunetly it also seems to be a place a good portion of troublemakers come from.

When a person is spamming a forum , it is very hard to stop unless you actualy remove that ability, the only effective means is to block out his server, if he uses several like Aol then you have to take out a good portion of those as well.This will have the effect of appearing to ban those that have done nothing wrong.If everyone had a static IP then this would not be a problem,we simply ban that single ip, end of problem, everyone except the banned person is happy.

There is an alternative,but that would require people actually taking a stand against this sort of stuff. And from past experience i can tell you not very many will stand up for themselves ,and they are content to watch someone frig it up for them.

What would someone have to do, well we could post the persons IP,and a few other bits of relevent info, and all everyone has to do is complain to that persons isp, in the case of
aol it is abuse@aol.com. Stating clearly what the person has done, the time,the ip etc. In most cases the Isp will either remove them or warn them. It`s as simple as that.

But like i said most users are just content to sit back and figger the mods and admins can take care of it, when really it would be Much better the other way around. Nothing would work better than the users of a forum banding together to make their complaints.

Really your comment telling LJ to do her job is out of line. The true power for keeping trouble makers out of a forum lies with the users,most just choose not to exersize that power.Deleting and closing threads only works sometimes, and as i said ,if a person is intent on spamming a board it is next to impossible to control ,unless everyone was a mod/admin. Then that leads to other abuses,so that is not an option either.

Think about it,next time a person ,makes themselves an jerk on a forum , i`m willing to post the data people need to make a complaint. But it`ll take more than one person to send a mail before an isp will do something usually. It will need a concerted effort. The end result, people not at fault,won`t be banned,and the troublemaker will normally be gone one way or another.

12-22-1999, 01:23 PM
Well stated Stealth. I just wish I could use my tongue as elequently.

Lt Guilo
12-24-1999, 07:34 PM

Lt Guilo
12-24-1999, 07:35 PM
Uhm, you might wanna reword that one, my little blackbirdie buddy.... http://indigo.ie/~owenc/starwars/images/PBsmile1a.gif

12-25-1999, 03:11 AM
<font size=1>Got something on your nose, there...</font>

12-25-1999, 11:41 AM
I deeply hope I wasn't the little problem that got all us AOL users banned. If I WAS then let me know and I'll drop out and let you good folks do your thing... Otherwise, ala "Poltergiest" IIII'mmm baaaacckkk.

Bill the Cat

12-26-1999, 11:18 PM
I agree with DeathStarDestroyer. I think aol ips should be unbanned for now, so that he and any other aol users can use the forums. The troublemaker you speak of is probably long gone now that he/she realized they were banned, so its only fair to DeathStarDestroyer that aol be unblocked.

12-27-1999, 01:14 PM
I don`t agree, do you want more wedgy and chewie clones running around.

It`s been nice and peaceful since those clowns have been deprived of posting here. Unless a lot of people are willing to stand up and work towards keeping those types of clowns out of here, any bans that were necessary to remove them stay.

Some of them have returned more than once ,this time they are going to stay gone.

Remember there is only two choices for getting rid of clowns, either we do it,in which case innocent people also suffer, or the users do it together,but it`ll take at minimum 25 people (more is better)dedicated enough to write a mail to the clowns isp when they start mucking around on the forums.

Like i said too many people just can`t be bothered to stand up for themselves, thats why these clowns can just go around messing things up for others.

12-27-1999, 01:45 PM
<Font color=#ff0000> Egg we don`t need that here, no one tells you what Isp to use</font>

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12-27-1999, 03:30 PM

My eyes hurt!

( http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif)

12-27-1999, 10:31 PM
I appreciate the effort FireFly. And raven or whomever else is in charge, (by the way,I thought Lt.Guilo used to be an admin.), I think we should try opening the AOL IP's back up and if trouble arises, use the method noted above. I mean, how do we know it won't work until we try? Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

12-28-1999, 04:09 AM

(feedback forum) go there and read proposition

12-28-1999, 05:42 AM
Huh, woa wait! Nonononononono! it wasnt kissing up! I guess I screwed up again. I was just saying that my posts always rub off kinda harsh, or short. I was just saying Stealth always keeps it clean to topic. I respect that. (NO NO NO! IT IS NOT BROWN NOSING!)

Lt Guilo
12-28-1999, 01:08 PM
Yes, I was head honcho hereabouts for a long time, DSD. Surely you recall this. Go and read my blurb to R.A.V.E.N. on your behalf over in the "element" thread if you want to see me acting Administrative. >=)

...And R.A.V.E.N., brown-nosing here is okay. It's a better color than black or blue, which is what NOT kissing up will usually get you. http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif<font size="1">

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12-29-1999, 03:15 AM
Okay...I take it back.

You were just *cough!* being nice to the *cough! cough!* boss there. We *cough!* understand...


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