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09-09-2004, 05:01 AM
Gufyar and his scouting party stopped for a short break. The thick jungle vines of Yavin IV were constricting. Finding the Imperial Base of operations was quite difficult. They had been out here for three days, with nothing to report. After ten minutes, they started up again.

They walked along for another hour, until a sound made them stop. The sound of metal gears and branches breaking told him one thing. AT-STs. Gufyar said to his troops, “C’mon guys. They’ve got AT-ST’s down here. We definitely don’t want to stick around.” With that, he and his troops started the long march back to the Rebel base.

Jedi Malastar
09-09-2004, 03:32 PM
Carson Omecca was soaring above the jungles of Yavin IV in his TIE Fighter. He felt constricted in his small TIE fighter with no life support. He blasted some rebels soldiers just outside the edge of a jungle. He looked up and saw a an X-Wing coming at him. They both blasted at the same time, but his fighter went down while the x-wings sheilds just went down. One of his panels was on fire and he was going down. The TIE fighter crashed the dense jungle and it got hung up in a cluster of vines. He opened the hatch and took off his black pilot helmet. He was a sitting duck.

09-09-2004, 04:34 PM
The familiar thwap thwap of blaster fire echoed over head. “They have been dog fighting like that all morning,” Nightwing said looking up to the sky. He could see nothing threw the dense trees, but the sounds alone were able to paint a vivid picture.

Suddenly a loud explosion shook the back of his eye balls. “I hope that was not one of ours,” one of the rebels in the small scouting party commented. A small metal chunk fell from above landing right at Nightwing’s feet. “Not ours,” Nightwing said “This is a piece of the solar array wing, from a tie fighter. And from the sound, I bet his ion engines were hit badly. I doubt he will stay in the air for long. In fact I bet he is somewhere close.”

Nightwing glanced around the area not seeing any other evidence of the crash, there was none. Maybe the AT-ST they heard did not spoil the whole day. Nightwing thought. A captured imperial officer might be worth the trip.

09-09-2004, 05:13 PM
OOC: I hope you don’t mind me giving you orders. You don’t have to follow them if you had something else in mind.

IC:Gufyar decided Nightwing's idea of a captured Imperial officer was a good one. “Nightwing, take Yalbarus and go west. I’ll take Reverul and go east. We’ll meet back at the base. Try to find the downed TIE. Let’s just hope the pilot’s not dead." With that, Gufyar and Reverul started marching eastward through the forest.

A half-hour of marching led Gufyar and Reverul to find nothing. Gufyar decided it was time to split up. “Reverul, you go northeast. I’ll head southeast. Call out if you find anything.”

Not even a minute later, Gufyar heard someone scream. He started sprinting towards the sound. The sound of a huge blaster bolt and gears shifting told him what was going on. The AT-ST was here. Gufyar walked a little further, being more careful now.

Gufyar found a clearing in the woods. The grass was black and charred. The remnats of Reverul’s body were also black and charred. He sadly buried his late comrade, and headed back to base.

09-09-2004, 07:53 PM
“Well, there it is,” Yalbarus said. They were standing directly below a tie fighter that was dangling, lifeless in a tangle of vines. “Well, the hatch is open,” Nightwing circled the ship once. “He could have survived the fall but he could have climbed down one of these vines,” Nightwing said coming back to his original position. “Ether way, he is not there now,” Yalbarus added. “Well, he cant be far, should we spread out?” Yalbarus started moving without waiting for an answer. “Hold on,” Nightwing said. Far off in the distance there was a tree that had fallen over. “Maybe he did not walk out of here alone.”
“What do you mean?” Yalbarus asked. Nightwing explained, “When AT-ST get stuck in thick foliage, they tend to blast their own path. But this could not have been the same AT-ST we heard earlier. Something has to be going on here. Two AT-STs relatively close. I wonder why the empire is stepping up their security for a reason.”
“Let’s start back to base,” Yalbarus said a little hurried. “You go ahead,” Nightwing said, “But I think we should follow this AT-ST’s movement see where it takes us.” Yalbarus agreed and they both started on the trail.

Evil Dark Jedi
09-09-2004, 08:43 PM
Zoric was on a speeder bike scouting the area when he saw a Tie in the trees. Zoric then saw two rebel soldiers. Zoric stopped his bike and yelled "Ok you two stop where you are and no one will get hurt." Zoric drew his two vibro-blades and waited for an answer.

09-10-2004, 02:33 PM
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IC: Gufyar walked into the Rebel base with a dejected look on his face he couldn’t believe it. Reverul was dead. He was one of his best friends. They had escaped the Imperial Ship together, they joined the Rebellion together, they had completed innumerable assignments together. And now, he was gone. He took the elevator up to Central Command.

General Jan Dodanna was pacing back and forth. He was a quirky old man, and quite eccentric as well. “Ah! There you are Gufyar. Where is the rest of your party?”
Gufyar hung his head sadly. “General, Reverul was killed by the Imperials. As for the others, we split up. They aren’t back yet? That’s odd.”
The General stopped pacing and stood with a shocked expression on his face. “Reverul, killed? I’m so sorry… I know he was close to you…” Gufyar just hung his head lower. “As for the others,” the General continued, “they should have been back by now. I don’t like it. Nightwing’s a smart fellow, he wouldn’t get himself captured or killed, but with the Imperial occupation, who knows? I want you to go out and look for him.”

Gufyar nodded and then saluted. He was glad of something to do. He rode the elevator back down. Some Rebel recruits were gambling, rolling dies of different numbers and colors. He smiled for the first time since Reverul died. They looked so happy. He passed by the and mounted a speeder bike. He flipped the ignition to the on position and rode into the jungles of Yavin IV.

09-10-2004, 04:28 PM
Kalnot and his group were walking through the jungles of Yavin when they heard movement, sounded like infantry,Kalnot motioned for them to stay low, he crouch-walked a little more forward, then he jumped back and shot a Yavin creatue killing it, he shook his head and he got some chuckles from the soldiers, they moved on but heard shifting gears, so they headed back to the base.

Kalnot and his crew arrived, they went off to their barrackses and cafs and whatnot, kalnot went to the command center where he saw Jan Dodanna and Gufyar.
"i am sorry to report our progress was stopped by an AT-ST so we had to trun back, something wrong Gufyar?"

09-11-2004, 12:37 AM
At first the two were surprised at the appearance of the imperial. He seemed to come out of nowhere They stood for a moment eyes wide, unable to reply to the troopers demands. When the two metal viroblades appeared, nightwing and Yalbarus snapped into action.

Yalbarus raised his DH-17 and began firing in quick double taps. Nightwing reached for his DL44 and started moving to the right, trying to catch the imperial in a crossfire. Before Nightwing had moved three steps, the figure with the viroblades had already closed the distance between himself and Yalbarus by half. By the time Nighwing was six steps away with his pistol now fully drawn from its holster, Yalbarus was no longer firing.

Realizing that he did not have the advantage in this situation, Nightwing began making a slow calculated retreat. He was able to keep the imperial at a distance using his DL44 and move backward slowly but steadily. Then, as if now deciding that he had enough of the game, the figure dashed forward with lighting speed. Nightwing was caught off guard and stumbled backward loosing his balance.

Evil Dark Jedi
09-11-2004, 01:41 AM
As Zoric rushed forward he tripped over one of the rebels. Zoric looked up and saw the other rebel in fear. Zoric rushed forward to the second rebel and pushed his blades forward. Zoric saw his blades go into the chest killing the rebel. Zoric turned around and advanced on the other rebel.

09-11-2004, 11:19 AM
The imperial was advancing quickly, Viroblades headed directly for his eyes. The first blade came down swinging for Nightwing’s head. The blade missed it’s target but continued on it’s path striking the DL44 pistol, and sending it flying out of Nightwing’s hand. The other blade followed directly after the first, however, this time a slight change in direction made this attack right on target.

Moments before the blade came down, Nightwing reached out and grasped the imperials wrist turning it inward and upward. The imperial lost his balance and began a quick decent towards the ground. Nightwing expected that the imperial was going to hit the ground, hit the ground hard. And in that respect, he was correct. The imperial was going down, there was no doubt, but what he did not expect was the fast moving kick headed strait for his face.

Nightwing tried to move but was not quick enough. The foot caught his right temple sending the world spinning. He was too busy trying to stay upright to see that the imperial was back on his feet and moving in for the attack.

That is when Gufyar came in on his speeder. Nightwings head was still spinning but was able to pull himself onto the speeder. “Where are we going?” Nightwing asked. “Back to base,” Gufyar replied.

When they arrived at base they found that it was booming with activity. All of the scouting parties seemed to be up and about instead of their usual shift patrols. “What is going on here?” Nightwing asked Gufyar as he stepped off the bike, slowly.

Jedi Malastar
09-11-2004, 11:51 AM
Carson was rescued by an AT-ST pilot he was now in the cockpit with him. They heard some commotion and turned back to the spot where he crashed. By the time they got back there was a lone imperial.
Carson recognized him, it was Zoric.

He opened the hatch and climbed up and said,"Hey Zoric, need a lift?"

09-11-2004, 12:05 PM
Gufyar stepped of the bike and said, "I'm not really sure. Let's go find General Dodanna! They ran to the elevator and wished that it would go faster. When the lift stopped, they both ran out to find General Dodanna hunched over a map with a radio to his mouth. “Yes Leia. Five of them in wing formation. Leia, we’ll all be killed! There’s not enough of us. We need reinforcements. They have a blockade! No help and no escape. Okay. Over and out Leia.

The General noticed Gufyar and Nightwing for the first time. “Oh hello. Well I suspose you heard about the attack?” By this point, Gufyar was getting impatient. “No we haven’t General. Could you please tell us?” The General nodded. “Yes, many of the scouting parties have discovered AT-STs in the jungle today. Now, they have been sighted from the top of the temple. We don’t have the firepower to take them head on. We have three options. One, we can stand, fight, and get killed. Two, we can run for another temple. Three, we can try to break the Imperial Capital Ship blockade with out fighters.

Gufyar paced the floor. “We’ll I’m definitely not voting for running. All we are doing there is postponing our own deaths. I would either vote for standing and fighting or breaking through the blockade. What do you think Nightwing?

09-14-2004, 05:19 PM
as soon as Kalnot heard of the attack he ran out of the command center and ran to the turret at the edge of the base and sat in the gunners seat waiting for the first sight of an imperial.

09-15-2004, 07:13 PM
“Well,” Nightwing said, “If the Empire is planning a large scale attack here, I have a feeling we would not be able to defend the position for long. This is one of our last bases, if the Empire takes us out, there’s not going to be much hope left for the rebellions presence here on this planet.” He paused pondering the grim situation. “In my opinion, I think it is time we start evacuating this base, then the other bases that we have on this planet. From what I have seen, the rebellion is losing the battle here. If we stay, we will be systematically destroyed.”

Nightwing expected the general to be furious. An outsider who was not a real member of the rebellion army telling him what was best for his troops? Nightwing made himself ready for the generals ranting, but it did not come. The general sat quietly, looking pale and sad. “We will start the evacuation immediately.” Tell all personnel to head to the hidden transports. Do it quickly, we do not know when the Imperial army will reach us.”
Just as the general finished the sentence there was a loud boom. “What was that?” nightwing asked. “It was one of our defense turrets.” The general replied, “The empire is here.”

09-16-2004, 04:57 AM
Kalnot saw the imperial army and took a shot out of his turret, and got a dead on hit. he left loose several more bursts.

Evil Dark Jedi
09-16-2004, 05:12 AM
Zoric got into the AT-ST and took the drivers seat. Zoric walked back to base and re-sharpened his vibro-blades and went out and got into another AT-ST. Zoric took it to the battle and fired upon some of the turrets. Zoric jumped out of his AT-ST. As he got away from it,it exploded and caused Zoric to dive into the bushes. Zoric got back up and pulled out his two vibro-blades. Zoric ran up to a rebel guard and sliced him. Zoric turned around and saw a rebel in a turret. Zoric climbed up and killed the rebel. Zoric took the turret and fired at the rebels.

09-16-2004, 05:04 PM
(it may just be me, but you might be moving a little fast there EDJ)
"die Imperial scum!" Kalnot shot small groups of soldiers, and fired at an AT-St but it got made and shot back, kalnot jumped out and took out his rifle and started shooting at the Imperials.

09-16-2004, 05:24 PM
OOC: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not really intending this to stay on Yavin IV. Tell me what you think. After all, I’m not the only one here.

IC: Gufyar went into action fast. “Nightwing, follow me. We got to hold off the first wave of the attack. Maybe then we can start evacuating this place.” He didn’t wait for an answer, and didn’t bother to wait for the lift either. He slid down the pole that the lift went up and ran to the hangar.

Gufyar ran around to what he was looking for. An attack tank. He hopped in the driver’s seat and drove out. Stromtroopers screamed as the hover tank’s hull threw the into the air. An AT-ST lumbered towards him. He slammed the trigger down and dual, pulsating cannon rays flew into the verunable legs of the AT-ST. It’s leg twisted, and unable to stay up on one leg, it colappsed to the ground. The driver scrambled out and fired a few meaningless shots at Gufyar before the hover tank threw him head over heels into the air.

09-20-2004, 04:31 PM
Kalnot looked back to see an ally attack tank, Klanot jumped on then scrambled to the top and got in the mini-turret on the top and started firing at the Imperials.

09-24-2004, 12:00 PM
Gufyar was manuvering the tank very skillfully. He dodged inbetween masses of stormtroopers. Kalnot was firing from the mini-turret like a mad-man. Gufyar fired a blast into a pack of stromtroopers. They flew into the air like nine-pins.

Gufyar pulled back to the base to refuel. The troops outside were fighting bravely, but they wouldn't be able to hold on for long. Gufyar thought to himself, "Where's Nightwing with those reinforcments?"

09-27-2004, 04:36 PM
"i don't know but he'd better hurry up, these guys are killing us."

09-30-2004, 09:49 AM
Breathing in Solus pauses for just a second before exhaling; during that second he purposely squeezes the trigger. In an instance, the storm trooper falls back off of the speeder, leaving the speeder now unguided to veer into a dense patch of small trees and bushes. Once again the silence takes over the whining sound of the speeder.

In the distance, the disturbance of the forest spells out with no uncertainty the rapidly approaching AT-ST’s.

Knowing he stands no chance against them, he melts back into the forest.…

Unable to make it to the command center before the arrival of storm troopers, Solus takes position up in a large tree. He methodically takes out any storm trooper that mistakenly leaves the cover of its vehicle. He waits and watches for any sign that the Command Center is preparing to evacuate.

09-30-2004, 11:59 AM
OOC: Welcome Solus! There may be enough new people to start a new RPG here. I guess Nightwing's not coming back.

IC: Gufyar decided to fight on foot. He left the tank with Kalnot and trudged out of the base. Another AT-ST was falling. The explosion shook the ground. Then something unexepcted happened.

The Imperials were retreating! The rebel troops went into a cheer. They stood, against all odds, and defended the base. This was a truly great moment for the Rebellion. Gufyar knew this was a tactical retreat. His experience as an Imperial officer knew what was going to happen. They would sweep around back and hit them from behind. They had to evacuate before that happened.

10-01-2004, 05:48 AM
Solus is acutely aware that he is dangerously low on supplies. He notices the apparent retreat of the Empire. Taking advantage of this lull in battle, he makes his way to the Command Center.

As Solus enters the compound he notices Gufyar. The smell of sweat and smoke that emanates from Gufyar suggests that he was in the center of the battle that just took place.

Solus hasn’t known Gufyar long, only being stationed with him for a short time. However even after that short time the absence of Reverul next to Gufyar after such an important battle, was painfully obvious. If there is nothing else Solus has learned from the Rebellion, it is that the cost of freedom is a heavy burden. Sometimes it demands a high price to be paid by a courageous few. Reverul’s actions will be remembered for sometime and he will be missed.

Solus decides not to mention Reverul’s absence when he talks with Gufyar. Solus asks Gufyar what he thinks the Empire will do next.

10-01-2004, 01:43 PM
Gufyar breathed heavily as he gave his answer. "I've seen this move lots of times, while I was with the Empire. Though, mostly in space and not on land. We would hyperspace out of there, and then sneak in behind them. Enemies were usually decimated on the spot. This is what they're doing, I'm sure of it."

"We need to evacuate...now. They will be coming. There is only one problem... They have a blockade on the planet. We will have to go through the blockade lines to escape. Some troopers may lose their lives... But we will all die if we stay. Let's start getting everyone evacuated." Gufyar started screaming and yelling for everybody to make it to the transport ships. A couple of well known soldiers would be piloting the front three starfighters...

10-01-2004, 05:11 PM
Kalnot jumped out of the turret and ran up to the base's walls and grabbed a sniper rifle, he set himself down and started randomly picking off storm troopers.

10-04-2004, 04:35 AM
Solus knew he would be of no help in piloting a starship. He never did care for space travel. He remembers the first time he rode on a Starship. No matter how hard he tried, he could not prevent himself from getting sick. That awful taste in his mouth returns every time he thinks about flying. Painfully aware that flying is a necessity in this war, he cannot help, but to dread it.

Solus left the command center, thinking he could help buy some time. If Gufyar was correct, then we need to start some sort of delaying action. Some people would have to stay behind to protect the evacuation. Solus started placing mines in the ravine behind the command center. This would be the most likely place for AT-ST’s to travel. If we could cause two or three of them to fall here, it may block the path of the remaining AT-ST’s. It would force the Empire to storm the base on foot. This would make the defense much easier.