View Full Version : |-LoP-| Clan Now Recruiting

09-09-2004, 04:35 PM
Legacy of Pain is now recruiting for Starwars Battlefront. |-Lop-| started in 2000 and is still going strong. We right now are playing Battlefield Vietnam, but we are enlargeing to Starwars Battlefront and Americas Army.

We have a Teamspeak server at ts.non00bs.net:8100 Give us a holler if your around!
We also are planning to have a Starwars Battlefront server a little bit after the release of the game.

We are a strong and dedicated clan and we do not allow any wishie washy members who think they can show up whenever they want to and expect to still be in the clan.

Because of our enlargement we are making a new site look and everything because of the two new games we will be enlargeing too, so you can say this is quite a year for us. Too visit the site we have now visit www.legacyofpain.com

If you are Interested in joining |-LoP-| Give me an email at Tippercarmel@comcast.net