View Full Version : Vote for a simultaneous KOTOR 2 release!

09-10-2004, 09:42 PM


09-10-2004, 09:52 PM
Until they end up deleting that thread as well, of course! :D

09-10-2004, 10:59 PM
Would have voted yes, but it seems to not be possible anymore. O well.....

09-10-2004, 11:07 PM
Like Lucas Arts actually cared what we thought or something...

Sheesh guys...get real!

I voted yes :)

09-10-2004, 11:43 PM
True that.

*Goes back to his tirade at the lucasarts forums, reminding the xbox kiddies to keep their jaws shut about story spoilers come December.*

Nice one Achilles :animelol:

09-11-2004, 01:00 AM
Why would LA care about a poll at an Obsidian forum... :eyeraise:

I didn't vote at all! :D

And now that thread is closed too, poor Obsidian Moderators. :disaprove

Com Raven
09-11-2004, 02:24 AM
If time hasn taught me one thing (and I am usually not the guy to learn ANYTHING), then it is that internet petitions and stuff don't work...

09-11-2004, 08:26 AM
Money appears to work much better. But I really could use the Force Persuade line here

09-11-2004, 09:59 AM
You can make petitions like this until you are blue in the face. It won't make a lick of difference.

P.S. Lucas has exactly zero to do with this.

Com Raven
09-11-2004, 10:06 AM
But then again, petitions often time are great entertainment, if you read some of that stuff....

09-12-2004, 08:36 PM
I don't really care about the timing, see as I play it on xbox anyways.

09-12-2004, 09:38 PM
I might buy an X-box and play it on both it and the PC when it is released...

Com Raven
09-13-2004, 02:06 AM
If you want one anyways: Go for it!

But I seriously wouldn't buy one just to play TSL two months earlier!

09-15-2004, 04:10 PM
Yeah, I bought one the other day. I now have Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue 2, and Fable. ;)

09-22-2004, 12:40 PM
I think that it is unfair that most xbox games are released early, shouldn't we (that is us pc players) get a treat one in a while.....
Also, I am not going to give microsuck ;) a penny more than this computer I am sitting at is worth... NO XBOX!!;)

09-23-2004, 06:25 AM
Frankly, I don't really care about a 2 month difference...

09-23-2004, 06:42 AM
Afterall, there is plenty to do in the meantime - swbattlefront just got out -. You can also get away from your computer and go play outdoors - you will be in better health than those xboxers :p .

We cannot change anything to this. The only solution would be to buy Microsoft, redo the contract to release the xbox version in February and deal with plenty of angry xbox users :D

09-23-2004, 06:43 AM
And I'll have Rome: Total War! :D I'm getting it today, celebrate!

09-23-2004, 06:49 AM
What would be the point of rushing the game any Futher, or is the intent to make Xbox fans wait longer. At any rate I would not not want the PC release date rushed to acompany the xbox release.

But it would be fun to see LA push the release date of the xbox version back to Febuary ;) Besides it's only 5 months. :rolleyes:

09-23-2004, 06:50 AM
blame micro$oft, they obviously brought the delay of the PC version so it would get x-box sales up.

09-23-2004, 06:54 AM
Originally posted by Sivy
blame micro$oft, they obviously brought the delay of the PC version so it would get x-box sales up.
Definitely...read Feargus Urquhart's post here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=18007&view=findpost&p=137823

09-24-2004, 05:30 AM
*Curses The Xbox!*:fist:

09-24-2004, 05:37 AM
well, maybe that will mean we'll have less bugs in ours....
unless obsidian does a bioware job so that we'll have 3+ patches to dl. :fist:

09-24-2004, 06:25 AM
Originally posted by stingerhs
unless obsidian does a bioware job so that we'll have 3+ patches to dl. :fist: Just be glad there were patches to fix the problems.

09-24-2004, 02:38 PM
I think I'll spend my two months wait trying to hack into the X-box version I will buy and convert it to PC:evil3:

After all, why not? All the X-box is is a hulking PC on its side with Controlers and a big X on it:p

I resent the X-box;)