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03-12-2000, 10:59 AM
Does anybody know if it is possible to play as the Imperials in Star Wars Rogue Squadron or Shadows of The Empire on the Nintendo 64?

03-12-2000, 04:59 PM
I'm sorry to say no but you could be crazy and shoot down your own men on rouge squadron.

Qui-Wan Kenn
03-15-2000, 03:08 AM
there is no way but it would be kinda fun

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Qui-Wan Kenn

Sa Memax
03-18-2000, 07:31 AM
Whats wrong with shooting down your own men.I shoot em so I can practise my manuvering skills.And its good practise with shooting because your men are less than half the size of Imperial ships.

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03-19-2000, 06:21 PM
No, there is no way to be an Imperial on Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Although there is the Tie Interceptor, but the when you fly it the Imperials know it's a rebel ship now. I should my men too, it gives you more better aim and manuvering skills because it's harder to shoot your own men than an Imperial.

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