View Full Version : gaming site for clan leader and all battlefront members.

09-13-2004, 05:03 AM
Hello some of you know me since i have been posting for a few I have gotten my site up and have opened it to the general public its at [/url] its just a site where we all talk about stuff and can organise clan matches if your clan would like to challenge others. Since we battlefornt clans don't have a site like that I think that is up to date or designed to handle the matter I have opened my clan site to be sorta ambassadors to others. my clan The defense force is on a mission of explorations in a way and want to get to know all the people of battlefront and all the clan members of other clans and leaders. And dont think this is some bluff to get you to become members. because i will be providing your clan leaders with vital information on web site servers if your a newer clan trying to get started some tips and pointers. Along with how to upgrade your forums from those free baords to the better and stroner boards which are wonderfully ad free. Like I said I don't need to get members by bluffing I have morals and merit I just want to help other clans get started so that their clans may stand a better and stronger chase. Also I will have some downloads that will help if you want. and other information. I have added more public forums for people to openly chat in so feel free to come down even if your not a clan member because all the clans will be here and we will set up matches and stuff between other clans and help get things started. The Defense Force wants to become not a clan that is like a clan but sorta like a a federation that assists others with their needs. So come on down to [url=http://www.df-clan.uni.cc] (http://www.df-clan.uni.cc) and set your self an account. And my team will help you out with any requests that you might have or needs and will advise you in any way.