View Full Version : Need help with JA+ !!! please.

09-14-2004, 10:06 PM
Heya everyone.

Ive read through some of the forums and it seems that not many people like JA+. Although i do see it in most servers i connect to.

Anyhow just 2 quick questions !!!

1) Is there a list of NPC that can be spawned somewhere ???

2) How the hell do i fly the X-Wing ??? I can spawn it and get into it, but i cant seem to get it off the ground no matter what i try.

Help would be much appreciated.


09-14-2004, 10:53 PM
The place for JA+ help is the JA+ forum(s).

Or you can ask the author (Slider) directly.

However in this case the questions you ask are not related to JA+, but cheat related questions for the basejka game. So many people use JA+, mainly I think because they don't know any better. Be that as it may...

You can view the "Not Enough Customization..." thread sticky at the top of this forum and search for the info you seek. There is a complete list of NPC's and vehicles. Every cheat you can think of is listed in that thread somewhere.

When you spawn a vehicle, you have to do so on a flat surface (or in mid-air). If you do it in some obstructed area, the object won't spawn. You also have to move out of the way to make it spawn. If it is "stuck" inside something or too close to the ground you can't take off.

Taking off is easy, just hit "use" (to get inside) and then hold jump. Or you can press jump (lifts you up) and then press forward if you don't want to launch as quickly.

Generally, spawning ships is pretty crappy, since basejka maps and most maps in general are not designed for them. It's much better to play a map that has them already built in, like Asteroids Mod (Siege Destroyer2, and the two Asteroid field maps), KOTOR Flight School v2, etc.

JA+ might limit what spawns you can use (though I doubt it), but if you're curious, go post on the JA+ forums, since that's the most logical place to ask.