View Full Version : Tutorial: PS2 Fix

09-16-2004, 02:52 PM
If your ps2 stops playing your dvd's and blue back games. This is how u fix it.

Here is all the tools u will need (big and little screw driver/Q-tips and Alcohol pads)
(red arrow) unscrew all theses screws
flip the ps2, so u can see the ps2 sign
there will be a small sticker here that u will have to cut
(red arrow) lift up were u see the two red arrows (dont lift to high)
now push forward untill the top is pass the memory card slots. now lift the right side up (dont not lift the left side)
(red arrow) there is a wire here that u must not ripp out
(green arrow) this is why i said not to lift the left side. if u rip this wire out your ps2 is screwed!
(red arrow) unscrew all theses screws (will need the small screw driver)
(blue arrow) u will have to turn on the ps2 when this top is off and u must not look and the lazer
now that the top is off turn on your ps2 and hit eject so the tray comes out , then turn off the ps2
(red arrow 1) clean the eye with the Q-tips and Alcohol pads
(red arrow 2) this weel is to ajust the eye. if your ps2 is not playing dvd ps2 game or blue back ps2 games, just move this weel up or down untill the ps2 plays all your games (ive done this alot and my ps2 works great and i got my ps2 when it first came out)
here is a better look at the weel
the easyest way to adjust the weel so u can get your ps2 up and running your games

(eye pust be cleaned first)
(arrow 1)when your tray is out put the cd top back on (do not put screws back on) just hold your hand on top of the cd top. now turn on your ps2 and see if your game will play. if your game did not play eject the tray and turn off the ps2 and take off the cd top and adjust the weel again
(keep doing this untill it plays dvd and blue back games)
(start by moving the up first. if game does not work start moving the weel down one noch at a time)
(arrow 2)when pluging in the power wire watch that the power wire slot dose not come out

when your done cleaning DO NOT FLIP your ps2 on its back to screw in the screws. just lean it over the side of the table, then screw in the screws
u dont want to flip it and get the eye dirty again