View Full Version : Thermal Detonator Smugglers tds PS2 clan now recruiting

blaster juggalo
09-18-2004, 11:47 AM
I'm just posting to let you all know about our upcoming clan. The name is Thermal Detonator Smugglers and we are a PS2 clan only. You can find out what we're about and sign up with us at http://www.tds.ipbfree.com

Hope to see you on the battlefront!:atat:

blaster juggalo
09-18-2004, 08:06 PM
In case you are ultra lazy, here is what is stated on our forums

What's up all,
Thanks for taking the time to check out Thermal Detonator Smugglers (tds) board. First
of all, I would like to clarify that this is a PS2 clan only. We are excited about Star
Wars Battlefront, and we are looking for:

Dedicated members = if you are just a casual player of SWBF then we aren't for you. we
need people who will play approx. 5 days a week for more than 2 hours each of those days.

Team players = you must be down for the team and the team will be down for you. if you
are a loner or don't work well with others, tds won't work for you.

Players who won't mind practicing or participating in wars = this will be a competitive
team. practice will soon be scheduled (possibly weekly or bi-weekly), with wars following
closely (more than likely just one per week) once we feel comfortable with that aspect.

Friends = i know this may sound cheesy, but i love nothing more than to play with a
big group of friends. i forsee that anyone who stays around long enough with tds, will
become comrades through fun and stressful times.

Fun = let's have a blast! it's the game we've all been waiting for.....SWBF!

With all of the above being said, we won't tolerate the following:
disrespect of any other team members or tds

If you are still around after reading all of this, then feel free to leave a post with the
below info answered (note we will setup a time to play together and get to know one another
before a tds tag is given to you):

SWBF name:
Name or nickname you go by (in real life):
What state are you from?:
What other video games do you like?:
What position will you play the most? (sniper, anti-tank, soldier, pilot, etc)
What faction would you most like to be? (alliance, separatist, republic, or imperial)
AIM name:
Email address: