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08-09-2000, 03:17 AM
You probobly already know these but oh well...

#1 - In Beggar's Canyon turn left right as the level starts. If you go along the wall you should see a dip, go
through it. It's a great short cut, but when you finish it says you cheated.

#2 - In Beggar's Canyon take the middle path. While you're flying you should notice a path branch out from the main course. Take it and the game will think you beat Wedge.

#3 - If you don't want to wait for a lock on for a missle press the fire button twice.

#4 - In any ship with Ion Cannons the longer you hold the fire button the bigger the Ion blast.

#5 - To change the cutscenes in Kile II destroy the objectives in different orders.

#6 - In Beggar's Canyon race against Wedge. On the fifth turn you should see the mountain dip down. If you fly over this you'll beat Wedge easily.

#7 - In Ambush At Mos Eisley shoot all but the probe droids that don't shoot the homesteads. Now you can do whatever you want.

The Master
08-09-2000, 08:18 PM
Thanks again Code Man (Comet_Mystic)! What would we do with out you?! Cheating is the key way to beat a game!

08-10-2000, 12:59 AM
LOL, The Master, I like the way you think
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The Master
08-11-2000, 05:48 PM
So do I.