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09-19-2004, 03:32 AM
hi all ...
i have read somewhere this cheat.
g_saberrealisticcombat 9
but for me don't work !
anyone know if this cheat work in JA ?

09-19-2004, 10:57 PM
Yes it does work, for some people

See this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=121306

09-20-2004, 12:24 PM
From what I understand g_saberrealisticcombat is NOT a part of Jedi Academy.

While the command still exists in the engine, it does nothing (according to Raven).

However, g_saberMorerealistic does work, and it does the same thing that g_saberrealisticcombat USED to do (since saberrealisticcombat was for Jedi Outcast).

g_sabermorerealistic 0 = default basejka game
g_sabermorerealistic 1 = boosted saber damage (for both you and enemies)
g_sabermorerealistic 2 = boosted damage + frequent dismemberment
g_sabermorerealistic 3 = just like 2 except multiple dismemberments and damage from a single touch. bodies literally fall apart when you walk into them with your blade

Anything above 3 will just be like 3, from what I understand.

Note that g_sabermorerealistic is DEPENDANT on the normal "dismemberment" cvar. If dismemberment is on, then you'll see parts cut off, if it's off, you'll just see the regular death animations, even if enemies die in one hit or one touch.

g_sabermorerealistic is also "cheat protected" meaning you need to either enter it as a command line in a JA shortcut executable or batch file, or else load the map with cheats (devmap) to get it to work.

If for some reason g_saberrealisticcombat is doing something for you, I'd double check to see if it's not some other command that's working instead.

Note that saberrealisticcombat and saberMorerealistic are both SP only. In MP, it's g_dismember and cg_dismember that matter, in both games.

Samuel Dravis
09-20-2004, 07:13 PM
You can also enable it in the menus of some mods. OJP (ojp.jediknight.net) has this feature.