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09-21-2004, 03:45 PM
i am stuck in doom_comm
i have done this before but have completely forgotten how
it has been a long time
i am trying to find the code with the three colors, red, green and blue
i am completely frustrated with this and can't believe i can't figure out even though i've done it before
any help would be great

Sam Fisher
09-22-2004, 05:11 AM

Walkthrough for Level 18 (doom_comm)

Force Powers Gained - Force Jump Rank 3, Mind Trick Rank 3, Force Lightning Rank 2

Make It So

This level starts off with a video showing Kyle on the bridge, speaking to Luke. He'll learn the new objective; search for the communications array, and radio Rogue Squadron so they can come destroy the ship. Easy enough =). Drop down to the room below; don't bother with any of the consoles, they don't do anything. A whole bunch of troopers will rush in, and there are about 14 total that you'll have to kill. outside of this room on either side of the door, are ammo supply shelves. Stock up, then follow the hallway around and take the lift down to the next level. More troopers and two ceiling turrets are here. I'd suggest waiting by the lift, let the troopers come to you, and then peek around and snipe each of the turrets. Go down the few stairs and hit the red switch. Turn around and face the troopers and the officers coming through the door, and make sure to pick up the key. Continue through and explore the rooms on your left and right for more goodies, then head straight to the next lift. A Reborn Jedi will be waiting as you open the door; this should be old hat by now...speed and slash him. At the bottom of this next lift is a room with a sole officer. Kill him and get the key, then proceed down the ramp. You once again have a door on either side, and locked door to the front. The right and left doors lead to more small goodie rooms, and they both have breakable panels in the ceiling, leading up to small corridors. The room on the right leads up to an area with some medical hover drones and a secret supply crate at the end. however, you don't have the key for this yet. The room on the left has a similar area, also with medical drones, but it has a floor grate that drops you into the next area.

Getting Loopy in the Vents

Take the left room first, jump up and deal with the drones. As with most of the flying drones in the game, you can take these guys out with one saber throw. Try to avoid their attacks, because your view will turn all funky if you get hit. Walk around until you find the grate that drops you into the next room (don't worry about getting lost, it's the only way out). This room contains one guard at a console, and a several droids behind forcefields. Once down, kill the guard and take his key for that secret crate. You can now open the door to get back to the room you were just in, allowing quick access into the goodie room and up into the ceiling again for that secret. Once you've got it, head back to the droid room. Pushing the red button on the console will give you control of one of those droids. Move back into the other room, up the ramp, and go through the small forcefield on the left. Move down to this new room, and activate the button that the black droid is standing in front of (you may need to wait a few seconds for the droid to move out of your way). That button opens the locked door in the right goodie room. Switch back to Kyle and then proceed to through the goodie room, and kill the troopers that have now been alerted to your presence. At the end of this room, take the lift down, and then stop for a minute. Go forward, and examine the yellow door ahead of you, and the other yellow door down the stairs. You are in the loading room for a tram station...once you bring the trams down, you'll be able to go through the doors. Go out the other door and prepare for some peacock robot action. Actually, all you need to do for the two of them is use Force Push to throw them out into the pit. Go up on the walkway and deal with the ceiling turrets, and then turn your attention to the platform with the row of vertical pipes. Walk around it and break the glass to drop to a new area. You should hear some more hoverdrones coming, so get your saber ready. Proceed all the way down to the end and take the lift up. This new room has a few easy guards, knock them down and continue ahead to the tram control room. Press the four red buttons by the window, and you'll see the four trams come down the track. See what I meant before about using the yellow doors to get to them? Good. now do it. Go out the right door from the control room, on to the walkway. You'll see that unfortunately, the trams have come loaded with stormtroopers. Have fun pushing them into the pit, and then make your way down to the room on the right, and enter the tram at the top of the stairs. Push the button to get it down the track.

Rubik's Cube

At the end, go out and head left, to deal with a whole slew of floor turrets and troopers. Kill the officer to get his key, then unlock the security door and go through. Congrats, you've found the comm array. Dispense with the rest of the turrets and troopers in here, then go around to the large red display. Press it, and discover it's offline. Drat. Time for a major jumping puzzle. Take the door to your right, down the stairs, and out into a giant room. The "green" control room will be right in front of you. Go forward and check the display...notice that's offline as well, and a bunch of characters are cycling through the screen. Notice that the symbol you need (as displayed in your objectives) is one of them. OK, you'll have to find a way to get this console working first. Note that there are three codes you need to set (red, green, and blue), and there are three small control rooms in this large area (again, a red one, green one, and blue one). Hmm, more of that pesky coincidence stuff. Go down the stairs to the left of the green control room, and ride the lift down. Holllly crap. I bet you can tell this is going to be fun. There is a separate control cube for each code in each color, and for some reason they're set up in the most inaccessible way possible. You need to find the consoles with the codes that match the ones from your objectives, and turn 'em on. Then you can activate the three colored control booths in the room above you, and finally, use the array. Ack.

Let's analyze the layout of the cubes first. They're set up in a 3x3x3 box, with 9 red cubes on top, 9 greens in the middle, and 9 blues on the bottom. Hopefully this will be apparent to you. Now, looking at the large room vertically, each column of cubes contains the same icon. (i.e. the red cube in front of you has the diamond code w/ the line through it...the green cube directly below will have the same code, and the blue cube below that has the same code as well). See where I'm going with this? Consult the three diagrams below to get the location of each code:

As to how to jump there, I'll leave that for you to decide. There really isn't one better way over another. When you reach each cube, just hit the panel...the icon will faintly light up, and you'll hear a bad kind of beep, but nothing else will happen. Take this piece of advice: with all the jumps you're going to be making, be wary of your force meter. Now that you have Force Jump Rank 3, you'll have enough height to reach the necessary cubes, but the longer you're in the air, the more your meter will go down. I know a few of my jumps got cut short because I wasn't paying attention.

Oh, those Rogues

Once all three code panels have been turned on, take the lift back up, and go into each of the colored control booths. They work now, of course. Turn them all on, and your objectives will be updated. Go back into the room with the big red display panel, and hit the console. You'll see a cutscene of Kyle talking to the Rogue Squadron, and you gain another task of disabling the shields. A neat CG sequence follows, where the X wings arrive at the Doomgiver. Kyle scans the diagrams of the ship, locates the cells, and you can proceed on your way. Head back out by the three colored control booths, and take the doorway behind the blue one. This walkway takes you to the next level.