View Full Version : Lost in space!

Sky Master
11-22-2000, 09:16 PM
Any one know where Green4,The force guy,your apprentice Master,that genn guy,or Q (I don't care about him or the apprentice).I just want Green 4 back.

11-22-2000, 09:56 PM
where'd chillin go?????? and tie interceptor?

11-23-2000, 02:25 PM
So, you called? You punny mortal. This is the last time you will hear of me in a long time.

The Master
11-23-2000, 02:42 PM
Q, what are doing back here? (As if you will hear, see this post.)

11-23-2000, 03:50 PM
THose guys are nothing, what happened to ChewMe? And The Lt.? And Nitro? and, and, and, that one chick who used to be my best bud then went to europe and never returned? Ahhhhh, how cruel this universe is.

Sky Master
11-24-2000, 09:55 AM
Q,I now banish you for the galaxy.Forever!(boys back me up)!

Sky Master
11-24-2000, 10:00 AM
And me,Master,R.A.V.E.N.,Rogue15,etc.Are IMMORTAL!AND YOUR JUST A BUCH OF FROG BRAINS Q!And your A mortal!

The Master
11-24-2000, 01:47 PM
Now, hold on a second Sky Master, if you have ever watched Star Trek, you would know that he is an all powerful being that is one of the supreme beings in the universe. He was part of the Q Continnuum, which suppossedly controlled all other races through out the universe. I am not trying to back Q up, so I will list his down points. In a few Episodes, and books I've read he had seeked refuge on the Star Ship Enterprise. In one book I read, it proved that there is a being with enough authority to challeng Q. His name was 0. As in zero, but throughout the book it was 0.
Alrighty Q, so I proved that you arn't the all mighty being that you live up to be.
So HA!

Sky Master
11-24-2000, 06:48 PM
Yep,and we ARE immortal!

The Master
11-25-2000, 02:39 PM
Immortal? Yes I am Immortal. Part of the Immortals Guild for the game Vagabonds Quest. It is awsome I have entered a tornament that has 4 round and I have finished off my first opponent and am going to my next victim so I can go to round 2. From there I MUST DESTROY my friends in the guild.
Haha! I am invincible!

Sky Master
11-29-2000, 10:06 AM
I use to watch star trek(when I was 'bout 5)!

The Master
12-01-2000, 06:50 PM
I have now entered round 3. One more to go...