View Full Version : In the name of all that is good....kick/ban option puhleeeze

09-24-2004, 09:26 AM
I see a few posts about it possibly coming, either from 3rd party, or from the Lucas guys themselves. I can't encourage this enough...to make it happen.

A good portion of the success of this game depends on multiplayer. Most of the servers out there are owned and run by private gaming enthusiasts, such as many of the people reading these forums, and myself. I own and run the game servers for www.speedguide.net is currently running SWBF.

However, the handful of smacktard/idiots out there, are quickly finding this game because they are now invincible, as this is one of the VERY few online games out there without a useful server administration utility. For one, a lot of us run servers at data centers, and like to be able to administer the server from home via a small lightweight utility, or through a web admin browser interface (anyone remember the excellent one in Unreal Tournament/Rune?) It's a pain having the PcAnywhere/VNC to the server to do basic stuff.

But good grief....please add a kick/ban option for us. The idiots are ruining the game. Our only recourse now is to shut down the game for a minute, and hope they go elsewhere instead of logging back in when it's back up. We had some idiot last night by the name of 2066 or 2099 or something like that...ended a level with over 25 TKs. Many people were sick of him, and simply left the server.

Comon...help us help your game!

ps...and I want to thank Tyrant for linking this forum.

09-24-2004, 09:39 AM
Even though i havent got SW:BF yet (they didnt have it at the shops yet...), i strongly agree. Every MP game should have this

moved from server administration cause this is more of a feature request to the devs

09-24-2004, 09:40 AM
Yeah, of all the issues that need addressing, this is one they've said specifically they are in the process of addressing. This Bugs/Requests section was pretty much created in response to a thread just like yours. It's coming. And none too soon. Poor admins :p