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09-24-2004, 01:36 AM
i have a weird issue and im not the only one. heres also some suggestions.

after ive played 2 or 3 maps in MP mode, i get timed out in the map change. when the connection screen comes up the counter just keeps going and i have to cancel the connection.

the server browser is crappy and when the server list is downloading, i find that i cant click on servers cos the highlight keeps just flashing rapidly. i can use the cursor keys on my keyboard to scroll the list easier though.

and heres a few suggestions: it would be great to see a Favorites option in the server browser in the future and some sort of filters to filter out full, empty or passworded servers.

some of the maps are over quite fast as someone already mentioned and maybe the default reinforcement numbers should be set to higher numbers in some maps ( not sure if admins can do this. )

the MP mode lacks some game options, theres only one and i think there are quite a few people who wouldnt mind if the developers would add modes like CTF and deathmatch. i personally aint that interested in these modes but they would offer some variety.

and if the devs manage to optimize the game engine a bit, then i would like to see the default FPS cap set to 40 atleast as this would offer a much smoother gameplay experience.

on the controls side of things, it would be nice if the mouse sensitivity on the highest setting could be...well higher because when i run around in the maps i often need to pick up my mouse and set it back to the correct spot on my table since the sensitivity is too low...you get the idea.

pitch/roll for air vehicles would be excellent but i dont know if its possible to make.

im not sure if this is a bug but i wanted to change my profile name and noticed that this cant be done. i tried to search from the profile manager but couldnt find anything there, so if i want to change my name then i would need to create a new profile and reset all the key bindings and audio visual options. quite frustrating in my opinion.

the hudd could be a bit brighter as i find it hard to read sometimes or who knows might just be my eyes :)

if one of the devs happens to see this, i hope this helps. SWBF is an excellent game and even with its minor faults im still gonna keep playing it.

[EDIT] sry for posting in the wrong section/thread. thx for moving :)