View Full Version : Cant start game - says wrong CD is in

09-24-2004, 03:29 PM
Have CD 1 in the tray
Install went w/o the issues regarding Disc 2&3 that seem to be frustrating many other customers.

Hit the Stormtrooper Launcher icon and get a messagebox that says I'm on the wrong CD, even when I launch the game from the launcher on Disc 1?

Any ideas and solutions are greatly appreciatted.

Anyone know what file holds our key bindings and how I can back it up and modify/customize it???

Thanks all
See you in the servers whenever they dont tell us all that theyre full & the linux binaries ship :p

09-25-2004, 06:33 PM
It turns out when I burnt my game with EZCDC 6 from Roxio and put a copy in my wife's machine on my LAN
that was when I got the 'wrong cd in drive' error.
Put in a store bought and it works
I put in my backup and it gives this error.

It would be worth shelling out the quid for when it is patched and mutliplayer can be joined AND at a higher fps than 30,
on LINUX servers.

But right now,
they ought to give it away to build good will :p