View Full Version : Game freezing during "save game" dialogue (PC)

09-25-2004, 01:15 PM
Is anyone else having a problem with the game freezing after a round in galactic conquest/civil war?

I have an Athlon 1800(1.5GHz) with 768 Mb RAM and a Geforce FX5200 (256Mb) and of course, as I'm asking, I obviously do.

I also use powerstrip to bump my AGP transfer rate down to 2x from 4x, I know this will affect the capabilities from my graphics card. However, occasionally when playing in 2x mode I'll get past two maps before the freeze up.

The freeze completely locks up the pc and only a complete reboot gets you out of it.

The reason I find this quite strange over the rest is that initially I did not have this problem with the game and have not changed my system setup at all since installation.

Any idea's recomendations or mutual gripes are always welcome:)