View Full Version : mouse config bug

Bobbo Feet
09-25-2004, 05:35 PM
intellimouse optical USB/PS2

I am unable to bind my mouse keys through the ingame control options GUI.

If I try to rebind a button, for instance- Jump to mouse2 - it does not recognise the mouse button input at all. I select it, a window pops up, and if I clcick any mouse button, nothing happens. All keyboard buttons work for mapping binds to, but not mouse buttons.

I have tried:
3 different mouse driver versions and windows default drivers.
I have reinstalled it as a PS2 and USB mouse w/ the different driver versions.
Uninstalled and reinstalled game.
I have 2 freinds who can rebind mouse keys, a logitech and MS mouse w/ default windows drivers.

Anyone know how to edit the .lvl files, or which config file I shld edit to manually map keys?