View Full Version : Guilo, you made a big mistake!

09-10-1999, 11:43 PM
Why'd you leave the N64 general?? To be frank...the new moderator kinda stinks........oh, if you read this Cracken- Nothing personal, Guilo is da bomb.

Lt Guilo
09-11-1999, 12:39 AM
Hehe, well thanks, guy! http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

But, I didn't leave - I've merely become "one with the Force" (i.e. taken over more administrative duties).... so, if it helps, think of the forums here as ALL overmoderated by yours truly.

That's right, I <u>AM</u> the Overmod now! *(Sinister chuckling)*

"...There's always a BIGGER fish."
Lieutenant Guilo

09-13-1999, 08:32 PM
The words- Woo and hoo come to mind...Does this mean I have to find an Artoo unit to tape the message "Help me Lt. Guilo, you're my only hope!" I wouldn't want to because I am not that desperate or gay or bi or whatever...and I don't think *gasp* I c-c-can f-*wheeze* fit in t-th-this metal biki-*RRRRRIIIPPPPP-TWANG* metal bikini.....

Lt Guilo
09-14-1999, 02:39 AM

Now THAT'S an image I could've done without....

09-14-1999, 05:02 PM
I will use my Jedi powers to make you think you were seeing the real Leia...wait...thats worse...you saw Rebecca Romaijn Stamos!! And I was in my Jedi Robe!!! Not a Metal Bikini! There is the Hasselhoff Law y'know!

Lt Guilo
09-15-1999, 08:05 AM
Ah, yes --- the Hasselhoff Law.

Better known as the Law of Gravity, n'est-ce pas? http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

09-18-1999, 09:31 PM
I just wish they would respect that law on the beaches here...I have never seen so many fat hairy guys and fatter hairy women in speedos and string bikinis anywhere...And I don't believe them when they say they're with the wisconsin polar bears....that's just nasty!

09-18-1999, 10:48 PM
One word comes to mind... ICK!

So back off your rules, just back off your jive, cause I'm sick of not living to stay alive. Leave me alone, not asking a lot, Just don't want to be controlled.
It's all I want!

-Taken from All I Want, by The Offspring, from their fourth album, Ixnay On The Hombre (Columbia Records, 1997)

Lt Guilo
09-19-1999, 02:30 AM
....<font size="1">Heh.</font> http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif

Lt Guilo
12-02-1999, 03:20 PM

12-02-1999, 10:46 PM

Lt Guilo
12-02-1999, 11:08 PM
Oh nothing, Guildenjayne....I was just trying to see if the status listing at left, which read "Commander" before I posted the message above this one, would update to my current and actual member status after I posted. It did. http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/smile.gif

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Little Vader
12-03-1999, 06:14 AM
Just wait 'till Cracken arrives... better hide quick, flamintie!

Backstreet Boys and Burger King's Duo: I want it MY way, tell me why I got no pi-ckles tell me why I never hot no 'ma-toes Tell me why I always want may-onnaise, cause I WANT IT MY WAY! I WANT IT MY WAY!