View Full Version : Jedi Mercenaries clan (Xbox) still recruiting

09-26-2004, 10:52 PM
Tired of going to the battlefront and having idiots as teammates? That's what happens to us mercenaries and rogue Jedi, we go off on our own but when we want some major battlefield action our teammates are generally morons. This problem can be solved.

The goal of Jedi Mercenaries is to organize otherwise non-clan type Mercenaries and rogue Jedi into an effective force when on the same battlefield. Few clan-wide events allow mercenaries to stay mercenaries and rogue Jedi to stay rogue, but some Force-enhancing boot-camps and hunt training sessions will be required to allow other Jedi Mercenaries the chance to learn to fight by your side and to increase your skills. Mercenaries can either choose to take an active role by leading squads or sit back and join in on the fun whenever you head to the battlefield. Either way, you will always have an intelligent squad to storm into battle along side you.

Head over to the link below to sign up.
Main Site for the Jedi Mercenaries (http://www.guilduniverse.com/jedimercs/default.aspx)