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09-27-2004, 11:00 AM
Ok, the game's been out for the PC for a week. Here's what I'd like to see in a patch:

Overall the game is fun, but most of the battles seem to go WAY to fast. I attribute this to several factors, but here's what I would do to help with this:

- enlarge the maps, and move the spawns further away from each other. Right now on several maps (wookie village for example) I can easily with a regular trooper camp one spawn from another. This is too tight level design, the number one issue with the game I think. I would also have a clearer "no man's land" between the two sides. Right now it is too easy on some maps (one of the Hoth maps, Rebel fortress?) for imperials to spawn and run and jump in rebel vehicles and quickly dominate the map by controlling all vehicles.

- balance vehicles better On some maps (endor bunker, genosis) there just isn't a counter for one side's vehicles. Vehicles are a vital part of the game, but each side needs an equivalent complement. Vehicle spawning should probably be confined to the rear spawn points to prevent them from being quickly eliminated and offbalancing the battle. Infantry AV weapons should be more effective against vehicles and less effective against infantry....the rocket grenadier is already very popular, and it's a one-shot kill.

- infantry tweaks For the most part the infantry classes are ok. My only complaints are the rocket grenadiers and their lack of effectiveness against vehicles. I would bump up their effectiveness against vehicles, slightly increase their reload times, and take away their one-shot kills against fellow infantry except for direct rocket hits. I also feel the seperatist droid army is a tad weak. The droideka is not the fearsome thing it should be, and is not an eqivalent to the awesome maneuverabilitly bonus the jet trooper gets. Also, the dark trooper jetpack does not seem to work as well for me as the jet trooper for some reason, it does not last as long, is this by design?

- engine tweaks For some reason thing seem hesitant or stuttery. There seems to be some threads mentioning a 20 or 30 frame cap or something. I've got a P4 3Ghz and a Radeon x800 XT, why hold me back? Also, there's all this pretty grass you think you hide it, but it doesn't show to a sniper at range, so what's the point? Give us some ranged camo to those snipers, or better yet, if we are prone in grass don't render us at all.

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks for listening.

09-27-2004, 11:06 AM
Rocket dudes damage : -infantry, +vehicle has been said a couple of times already, and i wouldn't hope they would change the existing maps. Patches are to add stuff, but never to change an entire map (radically). You'd have to download a 1 gig patch then. Anyone interested?

Even though there is a fps cap, i might look at my fps and whine about it, but i dont notice anything with my high-end pc. I don't want 60 fps since my eyes cant see the difference anyways

The rest is ok of course, and would be nice to see

09-27-2004, 11:53 AM
In addtion to a standard damage increase, the rocket launcher should have its damage increased additionally by a third, but have its clip reduced by a third. Will make more effective against vehicles (since you are out-puting the same amount of damage but faster) but not very ideal for taking out infantry as you have limited shots. I also agree that anything less of a direct hit should not shot-kill infantry. Lots of damage and getting knocked down for sure, but not instant kill...thats why they gave them pistols ;).

09-27-2004, 11:57 AM
There are already some large enough maps (Kamino, Theed, Hoth) but the flying distance definitely needs to be enlarged. Patches can CHANGE maps. But they'd only have to change a few because that requires you to redownload the map (everyone IS on broadband so download size isn't that big of a deal). But I don't see this happening.

Vehicles DEFINITELY need to be balanced better. Rebel/Droid vehicles WRECK on Dune Sea. They get like 2 tanks and the other side gets some light vehicles. AT-STs don't compare to the tank-speeders the Rebels get. Empire can pull it out if they eventually can kill the tanks and then push their advantage but the map should be more balanced. Missile dmg will fix this problem too.

Rocket troopers AREN'T overpowered against infantry. I play almost exclusively as sniper/rocket troop and I'm a very good shot. But the blast radius is NOT that large. Players who keep moving are hard targets. Only a direct hit kills now, take it from me. Missile troops are quite effective against infantry, but not at range and not if you keep moving. But they do need to do more damage against vehicles. The thing about destroying infantry is that missile troops only have ~8 shots. If we waste all those shots on infantry, then your vehicles are going to go unchecked. All classes need a bit of tweaking though. Rocket troops should move slower.

And yeah the FPS cap is ridiculous.

Another suggestion/improvement: smaller reticle for a sniper rifle that is fully zoomed in. 4 thin lines terminating at a dot please.

Good, if not new suggestions.

09-27-2004, 12:54 PM
I play almost exclusively as sniper/rocket troop

So do I, and almost everyone else I know. This is what Im talking about. Standard infantry is weak compared to the one shot kill ability of a sniper and anti-vehicle class. They need to up the blaster damage, but thats for another thread.

Only a direct hit kills now

Sorry bro, just tested it and you can kill some with a rocket 2 feet away from them. :\

The thing about destroying infantry is that missile troops only have ~8 shots. If we waste all those shots on infantry, then your vehicles are going to go unchecked.

This is why I suggest upping the damage on vehicles by a third and reducing the clip by a third. So you get 6 shots that together do the same damage as the old 8 shots together. Can take out vehicles faster but less shots for infantry.

09-27-2004, 01:12 PM
Yeah, I figure not ALL maps need tweaks. Some of the Bespin ones are fine the way they are. But some you spawn right on top of the other side, making for immediate camping or easy swiping of the other sides vehicles.

And you're right about the rocketguy not being totally overpowering agianst infantry. I just don't like seeing what is intended as an AV class being used as anti-infantry so easily.

Which brings up another peeve. I know there's no endurance in this game, but the whole side-roll and bunnyjumping thing makes it way to easy to dodge incoming fire. This really neuters the droideka, which is easy to dodge once you know how, which is why I'd like to see it beefed up a bit into the fearsome thing it's supposed to be.

Edit: Credit where it's due, it's nice that they make you put up your weapon when you jump and roll.

09-27-2004, 01:33 PM
I think if they simply gave jumping and tumble rolls longer pauses in between each it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe something like 3 secs.