View Full Version : {HT} Horsethieves now hosting.

09-27-2004, 02:34 PM
Howdy all

(Just an update from when I originally posted a few weeks back). We have 2 dedicated servers now. If you dont see them all the time is because we are experimenting with a few things. We have taken down the ones that we had in DF2.

Also, quite a number of people from the server we play on in SWG - Wanderhome, are getting or have gotten this game. The server names are:

{HT} Wanderhome (place to meet other SWG players if you want to)

{HT} LostinSpace

A little about {HT}:

First off, I know it isnt a star warsy name for our squad but we are a global online gaming squad that originally started in Delta Force 2 many years ago.

We play in games like: Delta Force 2, Blackhawk Down, Call of Duty, 1942, MoH, Joint Ops and SWG as well as a few others.

We are an adult squad/clan/guild. We do have a few youngins to clean the stalls.

We are an invite only group. We like to take the time to meet folks before inviting to ride with us. It's more fun hangin with like minded people. HT is structured that everyone is in charge and can make decisions. We do have votes on certain things.

Look forward to meeting y'all here on the forums and in the game. Or feel free to mosey on by our forums. Website is in my sig..we are almost done with the new main page...

BTW, we are only playing PC.

Happy Trails.