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09-28-2004, 06:36 AM
Hi there!
I'm writing to introduce a FREE not for profit gaming league built specifically for all things Star Wars: specifically SWBattlefront:

Star Wars Gaming League. www.starwarsgamingleague.com (http://www.starwarsgamingleague.com) is now officially open and is taking teams. This is THE place to play SW Battlefront competitively.

This is a league format 12 vs 12 Season. Season One will consist of 2 weeks of preseason, 8 weeks of regular season and 4 weeks of playoffs. It will culminate in crowning a champion, the proven best team in Battlefront!

There is a 32-team limit for Season One. SWBF is the perfect competitive team game due to its emphasis on lightning fast play, tactics and teamwork.

We’re proud and pleased to announce that OISRadio.com www.oisradio.com (http://www.oisradio.com) will be the exclusive shoutcast station for the matches and the Match of the Week! OISRadio.com is the recognized leader in excitement for your gaming ears. Check out their site to hear some clips of past BF42 matches! OIS has rightly been called the, “James Brown of Shoutcasting.”

If you’d like to join, send your team captain to www.starwarsgamingleague.com (http://www.starwarsgamingleague.com) and get your team signed up. Simply click on Join the League, Log In, then click on Create a Team! It’s that’s simple! You do NOT need all 12 guys ready to go, for the Captain to sign the team up! We understand this is a new game, you’ll have plenty of time to recruit before the 1st season starts.
If you have any questions, you can contact us in our forums or at darthadmin@starwarsgamingleague.com.

I hope you'll join the league, We're looking for some more teams to round out the list for season 1!

Miyamoto Musashi
Co-Founder of Star Wars Gaming League

Nairb Notneb
09-30-2004, 03:15 AM
Alright you freakin spammer! Where's a moderator! I've seen this post all over the place. Lock it up, ban this Oldironpants or something.

Sorry. I apologize for that outburst, at least a little bit. This forum is probably not that big of a deal, I think that I'm the only one that comes here any more any way.

Jedit: Holy mother of hell, no.