View Full Version : Silent Dragons expanding to SWB

09-29-2004, 02:38 PM
A longtime Mechwarrior and Counter-strike clan, the Silent Dragons, will be expanding into Star Wars Battlefront and are currently looking for serious and mature recruits. We will be setting up a public server and forming rosters to compete in established leagues and ladders. A new SWB website is currently under construction but you can check out our history and public BBS at www.silentdragons.net

We are an honorable and loyal clan that likes to compete in multiplayer games in a positive, non-trashtalking environment. If you feel you'd fit right in with our ranks and would like to help expanding the SD wingspan into a great new gaming community, by all means shoot me an email (maximuspayne@hotmail.com), post on our public BBS, or just reply to this thread with your email address and I'll get back with you on the details.

Trust me. We are not your average "flash-in-the-pan" clan. I'm excited about this new expansion and look forward to developing a new team of warriors.

Good luck, keep honor, and have fun!