View Full Version : Ps2 Battle Front Issues

09-30-2004, 09:08 PM
So I got myself Battle Front today. Well i've had only a million issues so far...

Issue 1 - After an online match sometimes the game freezes in the middle of loading.

Issue 2 - Sorta like issue 1 but when I start up the game in my ps2 sometimes I just get a blank screen

Issue 3 - at the start I had serious problems connecting to the internet even tho my connection was fine. It would give me some Error 401 crap and told me to contact Sony about the issue. But when I used my Code Breaker and the Master Code suddenly I had no problem connecting to servers.

Anyone else expierence any of these problems on your Playstation 2 version of Battle Front?

This game just seems full of bugs. :(
That star wars patch didn't help much not to mention it took a huge chunk of memory out of my card. Thats cold Lucas...