View Full Version : FATAL message in task bar?

09-30-2004, 09:32 PM
Hi...okay here's my problem. I'm trying to play Battlefront on a windows machine, with an ATI 8500DV video card and I have lot of RAM and lots of HDD space.

When I insert CD#1 and click start game the Battlefront quicklaunch button appears in the task bar...it has the stormtrooper icon and says Battlefront beside it...right after that appears, another quicklauch button appears with a stormtrooper icon the says FATAL beside it.
After that nothing happens. If I click either of these quick launch buttons, nothing happens. If I move my mouse cursor around it disappears in the middle of the screen...as if there's something there covering it up.
The only option I have is to open my Task Manager, pick Battlefront and tell it to "end process".

Anyone know what might be happening and/or a solution?


10-02-2004, 07:40 AM
I had the same problem...you just gotta look in the official help MS word file...that actually comes with the game:

Desktop Color Palette
If you experience problems running the game, we recommend that you set your desktop Color Palette or Colors to True Color (32-bit). When running Star Wars Battlefront with your desktop set to a color palette other than 32-bit, some video cards may experience problems launching the game or you may see graphic corruption. In most cases, switching to True Color (32-bit) solves these problems. To change your desktop color palette and resolution:

Right-click on the desktop where there are not any icons.
Choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
Click on the Settings tab.
Windows 98/ME/2000: Look at Colors.
Choose True Color (32-bit).
Windows XP: Look at Color Quality.
Choose Highest (32-bit).
Click OK to close this window.
If your computer prompts you to, restart.