View Full Version : Map lvl files

10-01-2004, 11:26 AM
I was having a think today (a rare occurance), and the very first time I played online I was playing an Endor level (Endor Villiage I believe).... then realised I have never played it since, and it isnt on the PC Dedicated server I am running.

So I guess I must have connected to a PC, rather than a Dedicated PC. So how come none of these levels are available on the Dedicated Server?

Or more to the point.... is it possible to add them from the game itself to the dedicated pc server ... 28 levels gets a little dull after a while of playing, so would be nice to chop and change between some others.

Perhaps somewhere to start with the modding? Or perhaps an extended patch.
I know I'd be happy to play a selection of 24 maps from the whole range, and not just out of 28 levels.