View Full Version : help! problems running battlefront (PC)...

10-01-2004, 10:31 PM
i have a laptop - HP Pavilion ze5400 (xt5477wm if that helps. 2.8 ghz, 80g hard drive, 512 RAM, Radeon IGP 345M(came in it), win XP, cable modem.
i get major lagging in multiplayer and a little in some single player maps. and even with the lowest settings on all the graphics settings in the game (which is another problem). i emailed HP and they said that I can't upgrade or change my graphics card at all. i originally checked the specs, and i have over/better than all the min requirements, so i didn't expect any problems. so i was thinking the graphics/video card was the problem. but now it seems i can't do anything about that. i REALLY wanna play this game! any advice/ideas?? thanks in advance.