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Wraith 5
11-10-2001, 11:10 AM
I just want to say to any moderator or server of this site.... that you should use the anouncement thread or topic or what it is.. to alarm us with what is going on.. and post a thread in the pilots lounge.

Because a lot of people did not know what was going on... I mean i go to Galactic battlegrounds and there i got to know what was going on.... but a lot of people do not go there... and only go to THIS forum.
I think you should have warned us about this server change you were going to do. than everybody would not have reacted so scared and upset. If you just told us WHAT you were going to do and HOW LONG it would take.... you would not have gotten mail or PM's on other forums...

I might be the only one who is saying this.... but i just like to keep going here.. and i made a lot of friends here. who dont go anywhere else but this forum.

Im sorry if i offended anybody with this... but that is how i think of it...


11-10-2001, 10:09 PM
the news was on jediknightii.com. i'm sure they didn't anticipate that it would take this long.

quit your complaining.

Wraith 5
11-10-2001, 10:19 PM
Im not complaining.. Ikhnaton. im just saying something what is on my mind. and if i offended you.... SORRY.

Im just saying.. use the anouncement thread..
that is all i ask..

11-11-2001, 02:39 AM
Believe me, if we could have, we would have. What I mean by that is, not even us admins knew what was going on. :/
Ah, but all's well that ends well I suppose.
But we're back now! So we can be happy again.

Wraith 5
11-11-2001, 10:02 AM
Well if you didn't know..... than im sorry to yell at you guys... i thought you knew anout these things...

http://www.plauder-smilies.de/crying2.gif SORRY!!! http://www.plauder-smilies.de/sad/suru.gif

But hey... other than that im SO happy that RSN is back... i think we should have a BIG party!! http://www.plauder-smilies.de/party/biggrinparty.gif


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11-14-2001, 11:14 AM
OH MY JOSH! You make it sound like your dog died.

Could you really be that devistated? You need some kind of hobby.

Wraith 5
11-14-2001, 08:54 PM
http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif This site IS my hobby!! http://www.roguesquadron.net/forums/biggrin.gif